Month: July 2014

Sedation Dentistry Makes Dental Appointments like a Dream

Many people suffer from severe dental anxieties and phobias. Sedation options in dentistry have evolved over the years to help the most nervous patients get through the dental work they’ve been putting off. Extensive training in dental sedation is required in order for a dentist to provide varying sedation options to their patients. Katy TX… Read more »

True-or-False Questions about Aging Teeth

Aging doesn’t mean your body has to deteriorate rapidly. When you’re inching up towards the 100 year mark of your life, however, you may feel less healthy than you once were. Your teeth, just like the rest of your body, are certainly subject to gradual aging over the years. If you drink too much coffee,… Read more »

Beware the Dental Damage that Oral Piercings can Cause

Oral piercings are not generally recommended by dentists. Creative forms of self-expression are understandable. We all want to control our fashion statements. Besides, of all of the possible bodily adornments, piercings are one of the most temporary options when compared to something like tattoos, for example. Unfortunately, when you pierce your tongue or lip, dental… Read more »

Test your Dental IQ

The American Dental Association tested a sampling of Americans on their knowledge of oral health a couple of years ago, to somewhat embarrassing results. The series of true or false questions regarding some basic oral hygiene information were posed to almost 1,500 adults representing a wide range of the population in the United States. Unfortunately, the… Read more »