Month: November 2014

Veeners: A True-Or-False Quiz

So you know you want an incredibly beautiful smile that turns heads – and that makes you proud to laugh and speak around other people. You’re certain cosmetic dentistry will help you reach your goals. But just how much do you know about porcelain veneers? Before you jump to any conclusions about picking and choosing… Read more »

3 Surprising Reasons to Choose Sedation

You know that dental anxiety is an acceptable reason to ask your dentist for sedation dentistry. But if you feel only minor nerves related to certain procedures and you think you simply need to give yourself a pep talk, think again. From fear that simply seems too mild to a variety of other concerns, many… Read more »

3D Imaging: Waves of the Future

Radiographs, or X-rays, are one the most essential tools a dentist can use to help diagnose, treat, and monitor your dental health. X-rays allow us to see underlying structures of your mouth and plan your specific treatments accordingly. We have taken our technology one step further with the use of stunning 3D imaging technology. This allows… Read more »

Missing Teeth: How to Keep Your Smile

Although missing teeth are usually associated with growing older, anyone, at any age, can experience tooth loss, also known as edentulism. Tooth loss can significantly impact more than just your smile. Many people experiencing edentulism also report emotional or psychological distress as a result of discomfort in personal and social situations, where they feel a… Read more »