Month: January 2015

Your Tooth Contouring Questions: Answered

Patients who feel unhappy about unsightly teeth often overlook the simple yet effective cosmetic solutions we offer. Rather than assuming you will need an extremely complicated or costly treatment for problems like “vampire teeth” or an uneven teeth line, we encourage you to speak with us about tooth contouring. This budget-friendly treatment can comfortably and… Read more »

Sign On for Dental Sealants: FAQs

Each one of your child’s teeth is precious, making up the complete adorable smile you are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to protect. But what can you do when your child is already brushing and flossing? Is there something else you may be able to accomplish to promote comfort and oral health, while helping your… Read more »

How to Achieve A Whiter Smile

You likely have a decent idea of what it takes to achieve a whiter smile with teeth whitening. However, we often find that patients have a solid handle on the overall goal of whitening but not so much when it comes to the details. Fortunately, whatever your concerns or smile needs, we are ready to provide… Read more »

5 Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

Oh no! You bite down on hard food and something doesn’t feel quite right. Or perhaps your tooth or jaw joint begins to hurt and rather than feeling better over the course of an hour it continues to feel worse. Whatever your concern, a dental emergency requires immediate care, to help you feel better and… Read more »