Month: April 2015

Dental Bonding: Will It Help Your Smile?

Have you ever taken a look at a photo of yourself, wishing your smile looked more polished? Are you dealing with small imperfections like chips that make you feel embarrassed for others to see your teeth? Maybe you assume that you need orthodontics to close the spaces in your smile, so you don’t even bother… Read more »

What Is A Smile Makeover?

Do you feel displeased with the way your smile looks? Many people seek out cosmetic dentistry to make improvements, so they can feel good about the smile they put on display every day. However, some patients feel overwhelmed by the amount of imperfections they wish to address. We often find that these patients assume they… Read more »

Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Have you ever found yourself covering up your smile with your hand for fear someone may notice that one thing you just can’t stand about your grin? Perhaps you are suffering from discoloration that you find embarrassing. Maybe you have a chip or two that you think will cause others to judge you. Regardless of… Read more »

The Many Benefits of Orthodontics: A Quiz

You probably know that orthodontic treatment improves the alignment of your teeth for a more beautiful smile. While this is certainly something to get excited about, patients are often surprised to find out that cosmetic improvement is not the only advantage of saying yes to orthodontics. In fact, saying, “yes” to treatment can have a… Read more »