Month: June 2015

The Truth About Fluoride And Its Effect On Teeth

Are you confused about whether or not fluoride is safe for your teeth? Since the safety of fluoride has been questioned there are plenty of reasons to be confused. The truth is that excessive amounts of fluoride consumption by babies or young children during tooth development can cause fluorosis or the mottling of tooth enamel…. Read more »

How Familiar Are You With Dental Sealants?

Are you familiar with dental sealants? Although they have been around since the 1960s not many people are. This is a conundrum because sealants can save your family money, pain, inconvenience, and un-needed trips to the dentist. Why? Because sealants help protect teeth from tooth decay. Imagine being free from cavities. Cavities can cause havoc… Read more »

Never Heard Of Interceptive Orthodontics? Read All About It.

There is much more to children’s dentistry than teaching your child how to care for their teeth; working to develop a comfort level with dental treatments beginning with their first, or no later than their second, birthday; and prevention and early detection of cavities. Other treatments can include dental sealants, fluoride treatments, dental spacers, and/or… Read more »

Does Your Jaw Need Botox?

Are you suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder?) It can cause a myriad of symptoms including headache, neck ache, shoulder pain, jaw pain, painful chewing, and more. If you’re tired of waking up with a headache, having a stiff or painful jaw, or dealing with a pain in the neck–literally–you may want to visit your… Read more »