Month: August 2015

Contouring: Addressing Your Concerns

We find that patients sometimes feel conflicted as they learn about new treatments. What begins as a feeling of true happiness and positive anticipation may become a strange mix of interest and concern. When it comes to choosing tooth contouring to improve your smile, for instance, you may love the benefits. However, you may feel… Read more »

Bonding: Responses To Your Worries

Choosing any cosmetic treatment to improve the way your smile looks may cause you to feel like you’re making a big decision – that’s because you are! However, with this choice comes a long list of benefits including the obvious – an improvement to your smile – as well as improved confidence and general motivation… Read more »

Ready For A Smile Makeover?

Have you come to a conclusion about the type of cosmetic improvements you’re seeking? If the final answer you keeping arriving at includes a desire for a dramatic transformation rather than making a single change, it may be time to decide whether you’re ready for a smile makeover. When it comes to cosmetic makeovers, rather… Read more »

Why Re-Contour Your Gum Line?

Are people noticing your teeth when you smile or are they noticing your gums? Your smile isn’t just all teeth. Your gums are part of your smile, too. Large, bulky gums, gums that are too long, or uneven gums can take away from the esthetics of even the straightest, whitest teeth. Have you ever heard… Read more »