Month: September 2015

Quiz: How’s Your Daily Brushing?

Did you ever stop to think about the way you brush your teeth? Like most patients, you have probably adopted some habits that you’ve been practicing for as long as you can remember. While we always applaud patients who are committed to dental hygiene and remember to brush their teeth on a daily basis, there… Read more »

Flossing Your Best? Find Out

We often find that patients would like to floss and know that flossing is essential to good dental hygiene. However, patients often avoid this simple yet effective task. Are you one of these patients? Perhaps you floss but you consistently wonder if you could be doing something differently (or better). The good news is that… Read more »

3 Children’s Dentistry Tips

Taking care of your own smile requires daily responsibility and a dash of foresight. When it comes to taking care of your child’s smile, however, it can become something that causes you to feel quite overwhelmed. You want, of course, to assist your child in maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile, while establishing good hygiene habits that… Read more »

Emergency Dentistry: Take This Quiz

When you experience a dental trauma, do you know what to do? Are you even sure what qualifies as a dental emergency? We believe that the last thing you should be concerned with when you’re in discomfort or dealing with a mishap like a broken tooth is feeling confused about how to proceed. As a result,… Read more »