Month: November 2015

Sweet Tooth Sore? Your Restorative Dentist Can Help

Did your “sweet” tooth ache with pain the last time you tried to enjoy a seasonal latte or a freshly baked sugar cookie? If so, you may be suffering from a cavity. Cavities can be formed by an abundance of sugar in a diet, a lack of dental hygiene, weak teeth due to genetics, or… Read more »

Could Your Dental Problems Be Cured with Root Canal Treatment?

Has a cavity become an infection, one causing dental discomfort or downright pain? If so, you may need root canal treatment. While many people fear root canals, few know why. It could be because they mistakenly believe that a root canal will be a cause of pain, rather than a cure for it. Root canal… Read more »

Filling You In On Modern Teeth Fillings

Ouch. Has that afternoon treat started to feel more like torture? If you’ve noticed an increase in tooth sensitivity, discomfort, or worse, outright pain when you bite into something sweet or cold, it could likely be because you have developed a cavity. And while that’s not exactly the kind of news anyone wants to receive… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Diet Damage Your Smile

Most people know that what they eat affects how they look and feel, but often the main concern when choosing what’s for dinner is the waistline. But did you know that your diet can also drastically affect your smile? If you want to enjoy a healthy smile, great dental hygiene and regular professional checkups and… Read more »