Month: March 2016

Do You Need a Dental Filling?

If you have been experiencing sensitivity or discomfort, especially when trying to enjoy hot or cold items like coffee or ice tea, for instance, you could be struggling with a dental cavity. Cavities are incredibly common. In fact, nearly 90 percent of adults will experience them. Many kids also struggle with dental caries. Fortunately, restorative… Read more »

If You Value Technology, Go to a Dentist Who Shares Your Priorities

Do you take pride in having the latest and greatest technology? Is your home theater system a source of joy, or your smart phone a reflection of your ability to keep up with the times? Having the newest technology is about more than just a status symbol. It also means taking advantage of technological improvements… Read more »

Could Cosmetic Dentistry Be a Smile Solution?

Do you find yourself laughing, with friends from behind a closed-mouth grin? On dates, do you talk softly and hold a glass in front of your mouth, for fear the date will only see the imperfections in your teeth? If you are tired of feeling insecure and trying to hide your smile, it’s time to… Read more »

Care for Your Smile, Care for Yourself!

Did you vow to take better care of yourself this year, by hitting the gym, filling your plate with more green vegetables, drinking lots of water, and getting more rest? If so, you are probably feeling much better about both your appearance and more importantly your overall health. But did you know that another great… Read more »

More Seamless Options for Restoring Your Smile

No one wants to restore his oral health at the expense of his smile’s natural beauty. And for years that is precisely what restorative treatment meant. Metal fillings and crowns posed a number of potential problems, not the least of which was feeling insecure about the obvious dental work. Fortunately most modern dentists now offer… Read more »