How Do I Know If My Tooth Is Infected?

womanwonderingcurlyWhen it comes to oral health issues, you may know from previous experience that a tooth infection is something that can wreak havoc on your smile and something that requires immediate attention. Whether you need a root canal treatment or otherwise, the longer you neglect an infection, the more complex and widespread the side effects – such as an abscess – can become. However, you may be wondering to yourself how exactly to determine whether your tooth is infected. Allow us to help you with this seemingly tricky issue.

Pay Attention To Tell Tale Signs

If you are experiencing a tooth infection and symptoms are occurring, it’s important that you are capable of identifying them. When they occur, simply give us a call to schedule a visit. Common ways to determine that you may be experiencing infection follow:

  • Your tooth hurts and throbs
  • It hurts when you chew
  • Your tooth feels extremely sensitive

Recognize That Symptoms Don’t Always Occur

Here’s the problem with diagnosing a tooth infection on your own: It’s impossible. First, symptoms do not necessarily appear. If they do, you know to come see us. If not, what to do? Good news: You can rely on seeing us during your twice-annual dental checkups. During this time, we will note any decay or infection. You can then plan accordingly to address an existing infection or prevent a future infection with restorative care. Keep in mind that even our team cannot identify an infection with our eyes alone – we will use digital X-rays that we capture of your oral cavity for a final determination.