Month: August 2016

4 Reasons Your Teeth Feel Sensitive

While dealing with teeth that feel sensitive can certainly be frustrating, more annoying still is trying to figure out why your teeth feel this way. As you can imagine, when you are experiencing discomfort, our first suggestion is that you come to see us for an evaluation. Simply schedule an appointment, so we can tell… Read more »

Teeth Whitening Quiz: Is It For You?

Once you have made the choice to improve your smile, it’s all about coming in for a visit and working with us to select a treatment that will address the problem affecting your appearance. For those with staining, scheduling a visit to discuss teeth whitening is a good idea. We can help you discover whether… Read more »

Receive More Than General Dental Care

Are you worried about your dental care because you would like to choose a practice that offers everything? Perhaps you want the care you require on a regular basis in addition to specialized areas for more specific needs. Good news! We provide a wide array of services that extend beyond general care. Ready to find out… Read more »

What’s A Cavity Feel Like?

When you are doing your best to protect the health of your smile, you may find yourself wishing to learn more about symptoms of common dental ailments, such as the symptoms of a cavity. The positive aspect of your curiosity is that you’re remaining dedicated to keeping your smile in wonderful shape. The not so… Read more »

OTC Products Quiz

Are you feeling more and more curious lately about the best way to care for your smile? Perhaps you are starting to wonder if it’s really that important that you select professional dental care for anything outside of your brushing and flossing. What if you want a whiter smile or something seems “off” with your… Read more »