Month: September 2016

Q&A: I Think My Filling Fell Out

Are you fairly certain that your dental filling fell out but you aren’t 100 percent sure? Perhaps you think it feels like this is what has happened but any attempts at actually achieving an up-close look at your tooth have failed. Here’s what needs to occur: First, we encourage you to consider our Q&A session… Read more »

Quiz: Relying On Dental Hygiene  

Do you find yourself relying wholly on dental hygiene instead of remembering also to make use of the dental services we offer? If so, it’s important to keep in mind that preventive care isn’t just about the time you spend in front of your bathroom sink with your hygiene products. It’s about the comprehensive approach to… Read more »

3 Ways To Avoid Tongue Damage

Did you know that you can damage your tongue? If you are like most people who have accidentally bitten down into food and a bit of tongue tissue, then you already know that the answer is, “Yes.” As for how to go about avoiding oral health issues like a damaged tongue, we encourage you to… Read more »