Month: October 2016

Avoiding Decay: 2 Helpful Tips

Are you worried that you aren’t doing all that it takes to prevent tooth decay? In the past, did you previously assume that as long as you brushed once a day, you’d be able to escape the dreaded formation of a cavity and the subsequent need for restorative care? Fortunately, even if your habits have… Read more »

New: GLO Science Teeth Whitening!

If you spend any time researching teeth whitening options for your smile, you may have heard of our new whitening system we are excited to offer our patients! It’s called GLO Science and can provide you with some exceptional benefits that include surprising comfort and convenience. Even more exciting? We are offering a holiday special,… Read more »

Crown Questions: Believe The Benefits!

If it’s time for you to receive a dental crown, you are probably hoping that the benefits you have been hearing about are actually true (and you will be happy to discover in just a moment that they are, in fact, everything you’re hoping for!). However, when becoming familiar with the advantages of this restorative… Read more »

Why We Offer Restorative Dentistry

Do you know why we offer restorative dentistry? If you answered something along the lines of, “Because you want us to have healthy smiles,” then you are certainly on the right track. However, when we’re talking about what makes restorative care different from preventive or cosmetic, this is when we get into the details regarding… Read more »

October: 3 Things To Consider

It’s finally October, which means we are kicking off the holiday season for 2016! We’re about to enter months full of good food, opportunities to make some happy memories, and what’s sure to include a lot of parties. To keep you on your toes and to help you safeguard your oral health and general health… Read more »