Month: December 2016

Don’t Aggravate Your Bruxism

Did you know that you might be making your bruxism disorder worse throughout the day, instead of better, even though you have the best of intentions? We like to talk with patients about their usual day-to-day habits when teeth grinding or clenching makes itself obvious because it’s easy to accidentally overlook common contributors. Fortunately, once… Read more »

The Facts You Want About Whitening

When you start giving yourself the green light to go ahead with teeth whitening for a brighter smile, you might find there are some concerns that continue to weigh heavily on your mind. Rather than giving into such worries, we suggest you run them by us first. It’s extremely common for us to discover that… Read more »

Why Doesn’t My Best Friend Have Gingivitis?

So, you think to yourself: “My best friend and I are alike in nearly every way! We eat the same way, we buy the same dental hygiene products, we are practically twins! Why do I have gingivitis but my bestie does not?” When you feel like you’re dealing with gum disease while those around you… Read more »