Month: February 2017

Dental Sealants: When, Why, And For How Long?

When you’re caring for your own smile, you like to feel informed. When you’re caring for your child’s smile, you want to know every last detail to make sure you’re making the best choices possible. If you’ve been looking into dental sealants for your child’s smile, we are here to let you know that choosing… Read more »

Take Two Toothpaste Tips To Heart

When you’re doing your best to figure out all the ins and outs of keeping your smile healthy, one of your main concerns is likely finding a way to optimize your dental hygiene. Once you’ve got your brush chosen and your questions answered about the frequency of brushing sessions and the like, you may find… Read more »

Tips For Brushing At Work

Are you someone who takes your dental care pretty seriously? So seriously, in fact, that you would like to perform a dental hygiene session after you eat a meal or a snack? However, your efforts in brushing and flossing at work have backfired in some way or another? If this sounds familiar, you might just… Read more »

No Need To Fear A Broken Tooth

Does the idea of a broken tooth in your smile cause you to cringe? If so, you may wonder if there’s anything you can do to avoid such a dilemma, if your teeth are potentially not as strong as you once thought, and what on earth you can do to avoid or deal with this… Read more »

Dental Emergency Tips

Nobody really wants to admit that a dental emergency can occur at any time. However, it’s true! You could be biting into a cookie, participating in sports, or simply sitting around doing nothing much at all! The moment an injury or serious discomfort shows up, it’s time to come see us (and fast). Do you… Read more »

Full Mouth Reconstruction: Q&A

What’s going on with your smile that leads you to believe it’s time for a full mouth reconstruction? Are you feeling very unhappy about the way your smile looks? Or, are you feeling very concerned about its appearance, the way it functions, your comfort, and your oral health? To find out more regarding whether you… Read more »

Oral Health Q&A: Too Much Or Too Little?

When you’re considering the details of your oral health and the measures you take to protect it, you may wonder if you’re doing everything right. Since it’s not an exact science but an approach that is certainly full of guidelines, patients often worry that they’re doing too much or too little of something. We would like… Read more »

Can I Straighten My Smile … Secretly?

While it might be a little bit difficult to keep secret from the entire world the fact that you are receiving orthodontic care, there is certainly something we can do to help you hide it! For those with cosmetic concerns wishing to achieve a straighter, beautifully aligned grin through inconspicuous means, we suggest Powerprox braces…. Read more »