Month: March 2017

GERD: Why You Should Know About It

GERD is a problem that seems like it’s isolated to your stomach. However, it’s important that if you’re suffering from this issue, you recognize it can actually affect your entire digestive system, which begins with your mouth, so your oral health is at risk! Have you received a diagnosis for gastroesophageal reflux disease? Have you… Read more »

3 Tips For Finding Floss You Fancy  

When you think about your dental floss, what type of emoji might you used to express your feelings? An overjoyed one? An angry face? Perhaps the crying face with tears streaming down its cheeks. If you’re not happy with your floss, you won’t be happy with your flossing experience. If you like your floss, you… Read more »

Quiz Your Dental Crown Knowledge

Would you say that you’re quite the damaged tooth aficionado? Is there no detail too small or obscure regarding restorative care for you to pick up on? If you happen to feel quite educated on dental crowns, then we think you will pass our quiz with flying colors! However, if you are like many of… Read more »

Dental Contouring: The Exciting Advantages

If you’re in the market for a better looking smile and you wish you could just remove just a little dental tissue from the problem area, you might be looking for dental contouring. This is a cosmetic treatment that we offer as a means of taking care of problems with the esthetics of your smile… Read more »

Orthodontics: Just For A Pretty Smile?

Choosing orthodontic treatment is not only all about making your smile look amazing. This is, of course, an exceptional benefit of aligning your teeth but we encourage you to recognize that the advantages do not stop there! In fact, it’s often very important that you improve your alignment in an effort to protect your oral… Read more »

Baby Teeth: True-Or-False Quiz

Are you sure about how to keep your child’s smile healthy? Are you aware that maintaining baby teeth is actually a crucial step toward protecting your child’s future smile? If this is a bit shocking to you, it’s certainly time you come in for a visit with us to learn more. Let’s do a bit… Read more »

Protecting Your Mouth From Injury

Your mouth is not invincible, as you probably already know. Unfortunately, beyond the stuff you’re already thinking about on a daily basis (such as gingivitis, infection, and tooth decay), there’s the chance of accidental injury! Whether you bite into something that your teeth cannot break down or you get smacked in the face with a… Read more »

Quiz: Are My Taste Buds Off?

While your taste buds may seem to be quite loyal to you, delivering the same experience with flavors for a very long time, it’s never surprising when a patient asks us why things no longer taste the same. A variety of changes can come into play, sometimes as the result of an oral health concern… Read more »

Quiz: Common Mouth Changes

What to do when you notice a mouth change? How to respond to a symptom in your smile when you have no idea what it points to? What do these different changes suggest? The short answer is that when something changes, you should schedule time to see us right away, so we can detect any… Read more »