Month: May 2017

Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz: Do You Know Your Options?

Do you know about the cosmetic dentistry options you have at your disposal? If you want to make changes that will positively impact the beauty of your smile, are you certain about what you can achieve and what it will take to help you arrive at that final finish line of an exceptional grin? Not… Read more »

Craze Lines: The Fast Facts You Want

Do you have very small fissures in your smile that only you can see? When it seems like your tooth has a minor crack in it that’s extremely slim and small and difficult to see (but you can most certainly see it in the mirror) then you might not know what’s going on. In most… Read more »

Does Sensitivity Toothpaste Really Work?

A question that we receive quite often goes something like this: Does sensitivity toothpaste really work? Well, in short the answer is yes, it really does offer desensitizing properties for your dental nerves. However, all of the details that go into this specific topic are much more far reaching. As a result, we encourage you… Read more »

Toothache: FAQs

We receive quite a lot of questions at our practice, which is something we always encourage. If we were to go over the more common inquiries that we hear, one of the topics would most definitely focus on the development of a toothache. Since its popularity means you probably feel a bit uncertain about this… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry Q&A: How Does It Help?

Do you really have a solid grasp on the ins and outs of preventive dentistry? Can you quickly rattle off the ways it protects your smile and why we feel so strongly about you keeping up with this part of your care? To make sure you realize that you can rely on prevention to help… Read more »

FAQs: Tongue Rings, Lip Rings, And Damage

If you are feeling like adding a tongue ring or lip ring to your life is something that will enhance your personal style, you might find yourself dealing with a bit of a conundrum. You really want to go ahead and express yourself through an oral piercing but there’s a little voice in the back… Read more »

Quiz: Are You Eroding Your Smile?

Are you doing everything right, so you have no worries that you may be eroding your dental tissue? Or, do you think it just might be possible you’re contributing to acid erosion without recognizing it? If you feel that the latter likely better describes your current circumstances, we urge you to walk your way through… Read more »

Can’t Relax? Consider Nitrous Oxide.

There’s nothing unusual about feeling like you just can’t relax when you come in for dental care. Of course, we can easily promise you that there is absolutely nothing to feel anxious about. However, we do not discount the fact that dental anxiety is real and affects more patients than you might imagine. Regardless of… Read more »

Why You Need Dental Work That Fits

What’s happening with the dental work in your smile? Have you known for quite a while that a dental crown you received years ago from a different practice has never exactly fit the way it should? Have you noticed that the denture you’ve been wearing seems to have warped a bit but you keep wearing… Read more »