Month: June 2017

Fluoride And Your Teeth: A Quiz

You’ve probably heard about fluoride, and have at least a vague idea that fluoride, in proper amounts, is good for your teeth. In 1945, a city in Colorado became the first to add fluoride to drinking water, and in subsequent years it became clear that, in proper amounts, fluoride strengthened tooth enamel against cavities. If you… Read more »

Test Your Tooth Implant Vocab: P Words

Tooth implants are one of the most successful options to supply a highly stable and long-lasting replacement for a missing tooth. Implants can also support restorative solutions for multiple missing teeth, such as implant supported dentures. Although dental professionals are familiar with the specialized vocabulary of tooth implants, these words may be unfamiliar to patients. We… Read more »

Keep Cool In A Dental Emergency

No matter how hot the outside temperature, it’s important to keep your cool in a dental emergency. Emergencies can happen at any time, and even a the most careful among us can tumble from a bike or bite down at a picnic, to find a tooth has cracked or an old filling has come loose…. Read more »

Quiz: Tooth Extractions And Why You Might Need Them

You might need a tooth extraction. Then again, you might assume you’re going to need one when, in actuality, you will not. If you aren’t sure about what types of issues warrant an extraction but this topic has been on your mind lately, we encourage you to do two things. First, remember that an extraction can… Read more »

How To Avoid A Whitening Obsession

Do you ever look at your smile in the mirror after you’ve just watched a movie and wondered why your teeth look so dim compared to the smiles of the movie stars you’ve just seen on screen? Perhaps you pore over the pages of magazines, you see celebrities’ glowing grins online all the time, and… Read more »

Let’s Review With A Dental Checkup Quiz

Sometimes it’s the most basic stuff that leaves people the most uncertain. For instance, you might be able to rattle off an awful lot of details about fillings or root canals but that doesn’t mean you’ve got the facts down pat as they relate to the importance of dental checkups. Since checkups are extremely significant… Read more »

ADA: 3 Ways To Identify Products

If you know anything about the American Dental Association (ADA), you know that one of the benefits of their existing is the fact that they accept certain products. If the particular dental hygiene item you’ve chosen carries the ADA Seal of Acceptance, then you can rest very easy knowing that it’s going to work for… Read more »

We Are Happy To Answer Your Bad Breath Questions

As you may have noticed, bad breath can become a lasting problem that doesn’t clear up (even though you may expect it to). When you find yourself experiencing this issue, it becomes harder and harder to ignore. After all, you don’t want to offend those around you or for them to think you don’t care… Read more »

Dental Care: A Little Basic Budget Help

When you’re doing your best to fit dental care into your life, you may be worrying that the reason this is a challenge is because it might not fit into your budget. While we may not know the specifics of your financial plans, we do know that sometimes it takes just a little bit of… Read more »