Month: August 2017

Sore Jaw Quiz: Is It TMD?

When you notice that you’re experiencing a sore jaw, it’s very easy to instantly assume you are suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD). It’s also very easy to convince yourself that everything is just fine if you are not very excited about the idea of coming in for a visit. Fortunately, sorting the details out isn’t… Read more »

Quiz: Botox For Migraines?

If you’ve been doing some research into the cause of your severe headaches, you may have discovered it is connected with problems associated with your TMJs. If so, Botox treatment for migraines might be something that may offer you the I-need-it-right-now relief you’re hoping to achieve. Not sure you know much about this treatment? Learn… Read more »

Quiz Time: TMJ Botox Treatment

Are you struggling with your jaw joints? Is TMD (TMJ disorder) currently getting the best of you and you’re ready for relief? What is your biggest concern? For most patients, we find that the hope for immediate relief comes first and then it’s time to discuss how to manage the issue long term. Is there… Read more »

3 Things Making Your Sore Jaw Worse

Do you have a sore jaw? Whether you have already found out through a diagnosis with our practice that you have TMJ disorder or if you are just beginning to seek out details regarding your pain, we have suggestions. If you take special care to avoid a few habits that can make matters worse, you… Read more »

Seeking Migraine Treatment? Call Your Dentist!

Do you find that you spend an incredible amount of time combating headaches? Sometimes they are severe. Sometimes they linger. Other time, they are excruciating and you’re convinced that you need migraine treatment. What you may very well be overlooking is the fact that sometimes, your headaches are not something that is going to require… Read more »

TMD Tension: Quick Relief

There are a lot of things you are going to learn as you become more familiar with your TMJ disorder. However, when you’re struggling with TMD tension and the discomfort that it brings, what you really want right now is relief. Fortunately, we can provide you with the details you’re hoping to find, so you… Read more »

TMD: A Review Of The Essentials

Do you know what TMD is (Hint: It’s short for TMJ disorder)? Have you been told before that this issue may affect your oral health? Today, we’d like to break down the details, so you are more familiar with common jaw health concerns, so you feel more certain about your own oral anatomy, and ultimately,… Read more »

Reasons Your Bite Feels Weird When Chewing

How’s your smile doing when you eat? Do you find that things aren’t feeling quite right when you chew but you’re having a hard time figuring out what’s wrong? Take a moment to consider the changes you’re feeling and then contact us immediately! The sooner you come in for a dental checkup for your bite… Read more »

Bite And Facial Muscle Disharmony: Say What?

You know that you should be able to close your teeth together comfortably for a smile that’s beautiful and that lets you chew and speak without any problems. This closure of your teeth (and the ways your jaws align), of course, is called your bite. While this is all well and good, when we throw… Read more »