Month: October 2017

The Count To 10 Rule And Your TMJs

You’ve heard of it! Sometimes it’s called the 10-second rule. Other times, you hear someone say, “Count to 10 first.” Whatever the case, the goal is to give yourself to a count of 10 seconds in order to make a decision, calm down, and the list goes on. So, what does counting have to do… Read more »

Sore Jaw: 3 Things To Do Immediately

What’s got your smile looking more like a frown these days? Is it the sore jaw associated with your TMJ disorder that you’re none too pleased about? If so, we have a few suggestions you should follow right away. They’ll help you find both relief and long-term improvement, so you can feel good again.

Investigating Your Sore Jaw

When you notice that you sometimes experience a sore jaw, you may wonder why it shows up when it does, why it’s not always an issue, and what to think about it. To begin, we encourage you to keep track of what’s going on with your oral health when you can. It may offer some… Read more »

Your Jaws Weren’t Meant For…

There are some things your jaws were definitely meant for. You can probably quickly rattle these off without giving it too much thought. They’re meant to help you move your mouth open and closed, so you may eat food, so you may drink beverages and remain hydrated, so you may speak to communicate, and more!… Read more »

TMJ Health: Don’t Overlook The Details

When you’re trying to decide whether to take the time to see us about your TMJ health, you may go back and forth. At first, you may think that you should probably follow through with learning more about TMJ disorder and treating potential problems. On the other hand, you may feel uncertain about the significance,… Read more »

Dental Hygiene With TMJ Disorder

When your jaw hurts and you find yourself faced with the task of brushing and flossing, you may feel exhausted. Dental hygiene, which was once a simple chore, suddenly becomes something that you are not certain how to approach without making your TMJ disorder worse and without dealing with discomfort, such as popping and pain… Read more »

Clicking Jaw: Addressing Symptoms During Mealtime

Remember when the only thing you heard during mealtime was the pleasant conversation at the table? If you’re shaking your head “no” because all you can usually hear is your very loud and clicking TMJ (jaw joint), then it might be time for some help. First, remember that we offer a variety of beneficial treatments… Read more »

Halloween And Your TMJ Health

Have you ever thought about the fact that different days bring different challenges for your smile and your TMJ problems? If not, we encourage you to use Halloween as an example that can get you thinking about how holidays and special occasions can influence your comfort (or your discomfort). Fortunately, once you’ve got some new… Read more »

Why Sleep Doesn’t Solve TMJ Problems

You might think to yourself that coming in for care to alleviate TMJ problems is probably unnecessary. Instead, you assume that your nightly rest should give your jaw joints the break they need! Of course, over the eight or so hours that you sleep every night, you imagine that your jaw joints are relaxed and… Read more »

Manage Stress To Help Protect Jaw Joints

Your TMJ disorder may be caused in part by stress. Or, while it may have very little to do with tension and anxiety, when you do not manage your stress, it can make matters worse. So, what to do regarding your ability to remain calm and mindfully channel any feelings of stress that crop up?… Read more »