3 Times When a Crown Is Your Best Option

One of the reasons why modern dental crowns are so popular is because they offer comprehensive results with a lifelike cosmetic finish. However, they’re also frequently recommended because they can address a wide variety of concerns with the health and integrity of your tooth. With the ability to completely cap your compromised tooth, a dental crown can simultaneously strengthen it, improve its appearance, and restore your bite’s full, healthy function. To help you determine if a crown is your best option, we look at three instances in which a dental crown isn’t just necessary, but also highly beneficial for your smile.

1. Fixing a cracked tooth

Cracked or fractured teeth are a common concern, and they can result from a number of different issues. When a tooth does crack, the damage can grow worse as you continue to bite down on it. Placing a dental crown over the tooth will allow you to use the full force of your bite without damaging it further. This also helps you avoid losing or having to extract the tooth later on in life.

2. Supporting a tooth after root canal treatment

Root canal treatment, which is designed to address severe internal tooth decay, involves removing the inner tissues and some structure from inside of your tooth. The procedure saves your tooth from decay, but can also leave your tooth structurally weaker. To restore its strength, your dentist might suggest placing a crown over the tooth after your root canal treatment is completed.

3. Topping a dental implant post

With the addition of a dental implant post inserted into your jawbone, a dental crown can also replace a tooth that has been lost or extracted. The implant post replaces the lost tooth root within your jawbone, while the crown replaces the visible part of your tooth so you can bite, chew, and speak confidently again.

Find Out if You Should Crown Your Tooth

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