Month: April 2018

How Your Headaches Might Be Dental Related

Headaches are one of those things that happen to everyone, and we often don’t think to wonder why. Like all aches and pains, headaches have reasons behind them, such as overactive muscles and nerves, or restricted oxygen intake. Even more surprising, many patients can experience chronic, increasingly word headaches that are directly related to their… Read more »

True or False Questions About Snoring

You might not consider snoring a dental health issue, but the truth is that many cases of it involve some form of abnormality with your mouth and/or throat tissues. Therefore, your oral health expert may be your best chance at finding a solution to stop snoring. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize this, and so they… Read more »

How Permanent Teeth Become Crooked

To many people, orthodontic treatment makes sense for children. Their teeth can often become misaligned as they develop, and that misalignment can grow worse if not corrected as soon as possible. Yet, many people are surprised when their teeth become crooked long after they’ve fully developed. For adults, permanent teeth can become crooked for a… Read more »

What Causes Locked Jaw?

Unless you have tetanus, your jaw’s tendency to lock up and remain immovable for several moments is likely caused by a dysfunction in your jaw’s joints, known as TMJs (temporomandibular joints). The open-and-close motion of your jaw hinges on these joints, and when they’re not working properly, neither will your bite’s function. If you experience… Read more »

How Your Dentist Decides if Tooth Extraction Is a Good Idea

The good news about tooth extraction is that your dentist only recommends it when absolutely necessary. Yet, how does your dentist decide when tooth extraction is a good idea? Like all dental treatments, everyone’s reasons for requiring tooth extraction are different. However, the common factor is the fact that no cosmetic or restorative treatment can… Read more »

3 Times When a Crown Is Your Best Option

One of the reasons why modern dental crowns are so popular is because they offer comprehensive results with a lifelike cosmetic finish. However, they’re also frequently recommended because they can address a wide variety of concerns with the health and integrity of your tooth. With the ability to completely cap your compromised tooth, a dental… Read more »

Is There a Cosmetic Treatment for Cavities?

Cavities affect almost everybody at some point, which is why treating them has always been an important part of dental care. However, for centuries, that treatment involved materials such as metal that left a noticeable impact on the tooth following treatment. Today, most dental treatments have some cosmetic aspect, focusing on your smile’s appearance as… Read more »

Why Gum Disease Is About More than Oral Health

When your dentist warns you about gum disease, the most prominent warnings usually center on the effects that the condition can have on your oral health. For instance, chronic inflammation is a signature characteristic of gum disease, and left unchecked, it can destroy your gum tissues and jawbone structure. As a result, the disease is… Read more »

3 Things Dental Checkups Help You Avoid

Dental checkup appointments are an essential part of keeping your smile healthy for several different reasons. For instance, your visits include professionally cleaning away harmful plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth and gums to prevent the development of dental disease. Your visits also include thorough examinations by your dentist, which can often include the… Read more »

More Questions for Your Dentist About Implants

For patients who have to deal with tooth loss, dental implants are often the most comprehensive solution. Designed to mimic the functions of lost teeth roots, implants are inserted into the jawbone and utilized to support a dental crown, bridge, or denture, depending on how many teeth you’ve lost. However, not everyone realizes the multitude… Read more »