Month: May 2018

How High Are Your Risks of Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss affects a lot of people, especially as they age, but it doesn’t have to be an inevitable occurrence. In fact, the most common causes of tooth loss are preventable, and patients who are at high risk of losing teeth can often lower those risks with better hygiene and dental care. To determine your… Read more »

What May Be Causing Your Toothache

Not everyone visits their dentist when a toothache strikes because they can often find some form of relief with an over-the-counter pain reliever or other home remedy. However, most people will have to deal with the pain again in the near future because such remedies only address the immediate discomfort. A toothache doesn’t occur for… Read more »

Things to Know if You Need Root Canal Therapy

When you need root canal therapy, the reason for it can differ according to your specific dental health needs. For instance, your tooth may have been decaying for quite some time and now it has reached the pulp, or your tooth might be severely damaged and vulnerable to internal infection. In any case, the fact… Read more »

Hygiene’s Role in Preventing Cavities

You know that good hygiene is important to keeping your smile healthy. But, if you’ve ever had a cavity (or know someone who has despite their good hygiene), then you might wonder if good hygiene really is effective at protecting your smile. The truth is that, combined with regular preventive dental care, good hygiene is… Read more »

Why Your Smile Might Appreciate Veneers

Being proud of their smiles is something that everyone should be able to do. Unfortunately, there are often times when cosmetic issues like stains, chips, spaces, and more can detract from that pride. For many patients, improving those issues is simple, especially with the help of one or more custom-designed, highly lifelike porcelain veneers. If… Read more »

How to Finally Fix Your Gummy Smile

If certain areas of your gum tissue covers more of your tooth structure than it does in other areas, then your entire smile can seem as though something’s off with its appearance. Besides throwing your smile off, however, a gummy smile can affect your oral health in several other ways. The uneven gum line can… Read more »

How Tooth Bonding Transforms Your Smile

When your smile is affected by one or more cosmetic blemishes, the desire to improve its appearance is natural. However, rather than immediately opting for the most popular or comprehensive smile improvement, your dentist will help you choose the treatment that best fits your cosmetic needs. For instance, tooth bonding is a minimally invasive cosmetic… Read more »

What’s the Value in Professional Teeth-Whitening?

The good thing about modern dental care is that most common issues, including cavities and gum disease, can be largely prevented. However, there are still some things that will always occur even when you take excellent care of your smile, such as stains appearing on the surfaces of your teeth. Typically, such stains result from… Read more »

How Many Treatments Does It Take to Makeover Your Smile?

There are many different things that can impact your smile’s appearance, which is why cosmetic dentistry includes a wide variety of treatment options to address each one. When several such issues occur at the same time, though, your treatment plan has to balance improving your smile’s appearance with minimizing the amount of treatment that you… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Dental Implants?

Dental implants have become so popular these days that you’ve likely heard about their benefits already, especially if you’ve lost teeth and are looking for a suitable replacement. However, there are many benefits to dental implants that aren’t talked about as often, or that patients don’t realize are directly connected to their long-term oral health…. Read more »