Month: June 2018

Ways to Know if You Have Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is an elusive sleep disorder. Despite the fact that it’s often marked by excessively loud snoring, patients who have sleep apnea don’t often realize that it’s more than just noise. However, the snoring is simply buildup to oral and throat tissues obstructing your airway. Eventually, the airway is blocked until you… Read more »

Need Root Canal Treatment? Here’s What to Know

Not everyone will need root canal treatment in their lives. In fact, many people can successfully prevent tooth decay from ever developing in the first place. However, if your dentist does recommend the procedure, then it’s because your tooth has become so infected that a more conservative filling won’t suffice. Or, it could mean that… Read more »

Reasons Why Dental Crowns Often Work Best

Dental crowns have been around for centuries, but they aren’t popular because they’ve been around for centuries. On the contrary, the popularity of modern dental crowns stems mainly from the fact that they successfully address some patients’ most significant tooth concerns, all while retaining their smiles’ natural, healthy appearance. That’s thanks in part to the… Read more »

How Does Fluoride Help Prevent Cavities?

There are many different things that can contribute to your tooth developing a cavity. Likewise, there are many different factors that go into successfully preventing it. For instance, brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once stops oral bacteria from becoming strong enough to cause tooth decay. Being conscious of… Read more »

How Does Tooth Decay Actually Develop?

Most people are aware of the term tooth decay and what it means for their dental health. For example, you may remember being told quite often as a child about the dangers of eating too much sugar and the cavities they’ll cause, which result from tooth decay. However, not everyone understands the true nature and… Read more »

Why Crooked Teeth Should Really Worry You

How your smile looks when your teeth are crooked can be a significant concern, depending on how noticeable the malocclusion is. A more significant concern, however, is how the misalignment of your teeth affects other aspects of your oral health. Today, we examine a few reasons why you should worry about crooked teeth and how… Read more »

How Do I Know if a Filling Will Work?

When your dentist detects a cavity in your tooth, the go-to treatment for addressing it is usually a tooth filling. A cavity is a hole in your tooth, and after stopping the decay that causes it, the most effective way to restore your tooth’s strength and integrity is to fill it. However, if the cavity… Read more »

Emergency Treatment for a Broken Tooth

There are many different forms of dental emergencies, but in many of them, one or more of your teeth may be damaged enough that immediate treatment is necessary to save them. For instance, if your tooth is broken, then it can pose a threat to your oral health in several ways, including damage to oral… Read more »

What Tooth Extraction Can Address for You

In addition to routine preventive dental visits and good hygiene at home every day, preserving your smile sometimes requires quick action to address a specific dental concern. For instance, if you develop a cavity, then you may need a filling as soon as possible to save your healthy tooth structure. If it’s cracked, then your… Read more »

When to Schedule a Checkup Outside of Schedule

In general, most people should attend a dental checkup and cleaning appointment at least once every six months. Allowing your hygienist to carefully clean your teeth and your dentist to thoroughly check them helps you successfully prevent most dental issues from developing. However, there may be times when a problem becomes apparent well before it’s… Read more »