Month: July 2018

Professional Teeth Cleanings Protect You Against Tartar

With dedicated daily oral care, you can stop tartar from forming on your teeth. Unfortunately, when this substance forms, you will not be able to remove it on your own. Tartar is what results when concentrations of plaque are left on your teeth for an extended period. Because you are not able to remove it… Read more »

Taking The Necessary Steps To Fully Reconstruct Your Smile

When poor oral care leads to the development of several dental issues, you may be worried about what it will take to properly restore your smile. You could also have concerns about the results you enjoy – will your appearance be negatively affected after you have work done on multiple teeth? Your Katy, TX dentist’s… Read more »

Quiz: Understanding How Cavities Hurt Our Teeth

Your Katy, TX dentist’s office is ready to take on the task of restoring your tooth if you suffer a cavity. That process will involve fully removing your cavity, and providing you with a dental filling, or a dental crown if necessary. When you seek out treatment for a cavity, you can look forward to… Read more »

Disappointed In Your Efforts To Whiten Your Smile At Home?

After switching to a whitening toothpaste, or after picking up an over the counter teeth whitening kit, you may have held high hopes about the changes you would see. These products can help take care of surface stains, which can lead to some improvements with your appearance. With that said, you can look forward to… Read more »

Have You Been Ignoring The Health Of Your Gums?

Will a lack of effort to protect yourself against periodontal problems lead to oral health problems? A person who neglects proper gum care can develop an infection – if the problem worsens, they can experience complications. A serious case of advanced gum disease can lead to the damage of oral tissues, which can result in… Read more »

Using Advanced Technology To Improve The Patient Experience

Technology has made a significant impact on so many fields – the field of dentistry is certainly no exception. You can enjoy great support for your smile thanks to advances in how your teeth and gums are treated, as well as how your teeth are analyzed. Lasers have been incorporated into treatments in ways that… Read more »

Failing To Address Tooth Loss Can Lead To Real Problems

It only takes one cavity to send you to your Katy, TX dentist’s office for restorative dental care. Losing a single tooth can cause enough trouble to have a negative impact on your smile, your dental function, and your oral health. Over time, one absence can lead to the loss of more teeth, which can… Read more »

Taking Care Of Smile Troubles Through Bonding And Contouring

By taking aim at those frustrating little problems that hurt the way certain teeth look, you can make a pronounced improvement to your overall smile. In some cases, flaws can be specific to one tooth, or a few teeth. You may have a tooth that seems to clash with the color of its neighbors. You… Read more »

Your Bite Problems May Lead To Chronic Discomfort

Stiffness in your jaw joints can lead to pain or limited movement when you bite, chew, or try to talk. These problems can be a result of TMJ dysfunction, an issue that can cause many people pain. While the problem is concentrated on your jaw, there are also pains that can affect your face, neck,… Read more »

Can Acid Reflux Affect My Oral Health?

There are several threats that put your smile at risk for problems with tooth decay, and some of them may surprise you. You can be well aware of how important brushing and flossing are on a daily basis, and how your diet choices impact your dental health. What you might not realize is that if… Read more »