Month: August 2018

Frequent Headaches Can Be Evidence Of TMJ Dysfunction

Chronic headaches can disrupt your daily life, hurt your ability to complete work, and generally interfere with your overall mood. What can you do to address this issue? Why are you experiencing frequent discomfort? Your chronic headaches may be the result of unaddressed TMJ dysfunction. If you have problems with your jaw joints, you can… Read more »

Are Bad Habits At The Office Affecting Your Smile?

Will good preventive dental habits be enough to keep your smile safe from problems? While proper oral health care is certainly important, it can be undermined when you engage in poor habits throughout the day. Many people fail to realize how their office habits might be affecting the condition of their teeth. You could be… Read more »

Should I Look Into Having My Dentures Supported By Implants?

Implant-supported dentures can offer advantages that you can enjoy every day. Because your prosthetic will enjoy more stability than it would when you use epoxies or suction to keep it in place, it can be easier to bite and chew. Implant-held dentures can also feel more natural when you speak, as their firm hold can… Read more »