Month: October 2018

What Should I Do If My Restoration Is Damaged?

Dental restorations are meant to be permanent fixtures in your smile. Unfortunately, dental fillings and dental crowns, while durable, are not indestructible. As with your teeth, they can be harmed to the point that professional care is called for. If you have a problem with a damaged filling or crown, let your Katy, TX dentist… Read more »

3 Things You Should Know If You Struggle With Dental Anxiety

While some people only feel uneasy about the idea of restorative dental work, others can feel concern with any time in the dentist’s office, including a routine dental exam. Feeling uncomfortable about the mere idea of a dental visit can make life more difficult, as you can be more vulnerable to oral health complications. Your Katy,… Read more »

Gaining Approval For A Implant-Held Dental Prosthetic

If you want to gain back a complete smile after tooth loss, while also enjoying functional support to help you with routine dental functions, dental implants can help you. You can talk to your Katy, TX dentist about using a single implant to hold a replacement tooth, or even about receiving implant-held dentures! This modern… Read more »

Offering Instruction And Support To Kids During Dental Care

Kids can be curious about the world, and eager to learn. Unfortunately, they can also fail to recognize the importance of certain everyday habits, at least when they first learn them. One reason children can be more vulnerable to tooth decay is that they lack a proper understanding of how to protect their teeth. Fortunately,… Read more »

Connecting Common Smile Concerns With Cosmetic Treatment

You may be able to identify exactly what you would like to change about your smile, but can you name the right procedure to make that desired correction? Cosmetic dental work can be employed to address many different concerns that can affect someone’s appearance. One reason people can hesitate to seek that care is that… Read more »

Starting The Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

While the types of problems can differ from patient to patient, those individuals who benefit from a full mouth reconstruction can need help with multiple concerns. You could be experiencing serious decay that affects several teeth, or you could be suffering from a combination of problems with tooth decay and other oral health matters. During… Read more »

Dental Bonding Can Offer Targeted Care For Smile Flaws

Taking action against one specific problem tooth can have remarkable results for your smile. Through the right cosmetic dental procedure, your Katy, TX dentist’s office can provide you with real improvements to the way you look. For problems like dental damage, discoloration, or even problems with tooth size, bonding and contouring work can help. A… Read more »

Providing Restorative Care For Dental Damage And Cavities

What can your Katy, TX dentist do when you need to address a problem with your tooth? Can you count on restorative dental work that addresses the problem, while also addressing the condition of your smile? Thanks to our practice’s modern approach to smile care, you can look forward to a treatment that restores your… Read more »

How Much Harm Can You Do When You Grind Your Teeth?

If you are frequently experiencing dental pain and sensitivity because you grind your teeth at night, you may be dealing with a symptom of TMJ dysfunction. While there are several problems associated with this, including recurring headaches and pains in your face and neck, teeth grinding can be especially worrying. This is because it can… Read more »

How Much Change Can A Smile Makeover Really Provide?

If you have serious concerns about the quality of your smile, you may be convinced that there is no true path to satisfying improvements. When you undergo a smile makeover, you can work with your Katy, TX dentist to find the right approach to make the kind of changes you want to see. At the… Read more »