Month: November 2018

What Alternatives Are There To Traditional Orthodontic Work?

For many patients who want a straightened smile, the best approach will be traditional braces. These bracket and wire appliances have helped many different individuals fix frustrating problems with teeth that are poorly spaced, even those with more advanced problems. However, this is not the only option that people looking for orthodontic work have to… Read more »

Will Christmas Treats Cause Trouble For Your Child’s Smile?

It can be hard to resist opportunities to spoil the kids at Christmas time. While that spoiling often comes in the form of gift-giving, this tends to be a time of year where everyone has more access to sweets than normal. One concern with this is that kids can be less clear on the harm… Read more »

How Professional Teeth Cleanings Protect You From Cavities

Through smart daily practices, you can defend yourself against the problems that might leave you in need of restorative dental care. Diligently cleaning your teeth each day is important, and you should take time to brush and floss thoroughly. Without these measures, you can allow plaque to gather, and tartar to form. Tartar formation is… Read more »

Find Out How A Contouring Procedure Can Improve Your Smile

The right approach to cosmetic dental work involves recognizing the issue that affects your smile, and finding the most conservative approach to treating it. In some cases, that dental work may not involve your teeth at all. During a gum contouring treatment, your Katy, TX dentist uses lasers to carefully remove excess material, which can… Read more »

Problems With Your Bite Alignment Can Hurt Your Oral Health

You might be surprised at the way different oral health issues can intrude on your ability to maintain a properly aligned bite. Crooked teeth, dental damage, and unaddressed tooth loss can all change the way you bite down. If your bite problem is not addressed, it can eventually lead to further trouble for your dental… Read more »

Oral Health Tips For Holiday Travelers

Will you hit the road to visit family for Thanksgiving? Are you planning on taking time out for travel this Christmas? The holiday season sees an understandable spike in travel each year. When you spend time away from home, you can let go of many typical responsibilities. One responsibility you should NOT let go of… Read more »

Injuries And Cavities Can Lead To Tooth Infections

Infections within your tooth can be the result of a cavity that is not treated in time, or as a consequence of a dental injury. What kind of concern should you have about a tooth infection? The problem is one that can do real damage if it is not addressed in time. Beyond simply being… Read more »

Should You Cut Back On Coffee For Your Smile’s Sake?

Sugar is a well-documented problem for your teeth. With that in mind, as long as you avoid sugar, your smile should remain in great shape…right? Unfortunately, the matter is not quite so simple. One issue is that it can be harder than you realize to avoid sugar, as it can show up in more products… Read more »

Is There Anything I Can Do To Stop A Cavity From Growing?

There are measures you can undertake to prevent a cavity from forming. Unfortunately, once a cavity does develop on a tooth, it will only worsen until you seek restorative dental work. This means that ignoring signs of a possible problem, or attempting to change your daily habits to protect your tooth, can fail to offer meaningful benefits…. Read more »

What Kind Of Problems Can Crooked Teeth Cause You?

One obvious problem with alignment flaws that leave gaps or overlaps in your smile is that you can feel self-conscious about your appearance. In fact, many people are motivated to seek out orthodontic care simply because they want to enjoy the benefits to how they look. While there is nothing wrong with taking care of… Read more »