Month: February 2019

Fixing Your Bite Problems Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

How much concern should you have over whether or not your bite is “correct,” and what can you do if you have issues with your dental function? Untreated problems with bite equilibration can have serious consequences for people who have them, and they can create separate issues that can require restorative dental work. You may… Read more »

All-On-4 Dentures Can Help You Fully Restore Your Smile

Unfortunately, people can sometimes give up hope on having a quality smile after advanced tooth loss. If you feel like there is nothing you can do to feel confident in your smile again, you should know just how advantageous implant-supported dental work can be. Your Katy, TX dentist can help patients make big changes by… Read more »

Working On Major Cosmetic Smile Improvements

For some people, cosmetic smile improvement is a matter of taking care of small irritants that make them less than thrilled with how they look. It may be a matter of addressing a recent change in the color of their teeth due to stains, or addressing a minor chip or crack that affects how one… Read more »

Chronic Pain In Your Face, Jaw, Or Head? Tell Your Dentist

If you leave persistent pains in your face, jaw, or head unexamined, you can continue to face the unpleasant effects of a problem that can potentially be managed by your dentist. These symptoms could all relate to a problem with TMJ dysfunction, which is rooted in issues with your jaw joints and/or muscles. Your Katy,… Read more »

Discussing Big Cosmetic Smile Goals With Your Dentist

If you are someone who feels uncomfortable because of multiple dental flaws, you may worry that your smile is never going to make you happy. What you should know is that your Katy, TX dentist is ready to work with you on a smile makeover, which can help you work through those flaws to make… Read more »

We Can Identify The Issues That Affect Your Bite Function

If your bite function is flawed, you can experience some unpleasant consequences that impact your oral health. You can have problems with dental damage, and persistent pain, if you do nothing about your flawed bite. So why would you have an improper bite function, and what can you do about the problem? To better understand… Read more »

Making Plans To Improve Your Smile’s Health And Appearance

If your smile is affected by dental wear and tear, untreated cavities, or tooth loss, you can feel self-conscious about how these issues affect the way you look. A patient with multiple dental problems can enjoy meaningful improvements, but it may take multiple procedures to fully address your concerns. Your Katy, TX dentist is prepared… Read more »

Making A Dramatic Improvement To An Incomplete Smile

It can be hard to think of an oral health problem as conspicuous, and frustrating, as tooth loss. While a missing tooth may be the most visible and urgent dental issue affecting you, it may not be the only matter worth your dentist’s attention. Your Katy, TX dentist can work with you on planning the… Read more »

Including Invisalign In Larger Plans To Restore Your Smile

Poorly aligned teeth can be a particularly noticeable, and bothersome, smile concern. When you have visible gaps and overlaps, you can have an understandable desire to make meaningful cosmetic improvements through orthodontic work. Because crooked teeth can have negative effects on your oral health, an adjustment may be one step out of several needed to… Read more »

Fighting Headaches And Other Pains Through DTR Therapy

Life with frequent headaches can be difficult and frustrating. For some people, persistent headaches are the result of problems with their bite, or their jaw joints. If your headaches or migraines are connected to TMJ dysfunction (TMD), your Katy, TX dentist can help you. People can develop a variety of aches and pains because they… Read more »