Month: April 2019

Embarrassed By Your Smile? Talk To Your Dentist

Social gatherings can be less fun when you feel guarded about your smile. That feeling of reluctance to smile in pictures, or that instinct to hide your teeth when speaking and laughing, can take a heavy toll on your confidence. Fortunately, your Katy, TX dentist is prepared to help you take care of the dental… Read more »

A Dental Crown Should Allow You To Comfortably Bite And Chew

What are dental crowns really used for when it comes to restorative dental work? It would be wrong to assume that they are only used for cavity treatment, or that these restorations are the only answer to tooth decay. A crown is relied on to protect a tooth that has become too seriously damaged to… Read more »

Including Prosthetic Work In A Plan To Restore Your Smile

After losing a tooth, or losing several teeth, you may have a hard time holding out hope that your smile can be truly restored. You can be happy to know that with modern prosthetic dental work, you can see remarkable improvements that change the way you look, while also offering important functional improvements. Your Katy,… Read more »

Planning Smile Care After A Long Break From Seeing A Dentist

Taking an extended break from regular dental exams can lead to real trouble for your smile, and your oral health. At every general exam, your dentist is watching out for any signs of trouble that may call for restorative dental work. When these visits are not taking place, problems can occur with multiple teeth. When… Read more »

Do You Hide Your Teeth While Smiling? Cosmetic Work Can Help

Feeling self-conscious about your smile can have a negative impact on your ability to socialize freely. While you might like to project a warm, friendly presence, it can be hard when you are also trying to avoid letting people see your teeth when you smile or speak. These feelings of discomfort can also hurt your… Read more »

Oral Health Problems Could Be The Reason For Your Headaches

Does it really make sense to see your dentist because you keep experiencing headaches? As surprising as it may seem, your Katy, TX dentist may be just the right person to reach out to if you want to address this problem. One reason people have recurring headaches is because of untreated issues with their bite… Read more »

Creating A Plan To Address Several Oral Health Issues

You can be surprised at how many oral health problems can accumulate if you are not keeping up with good oral health habits. People who fail to attend regular dental checkups can fail to realize that several problems have occurred…at least, they can fail to realize it until a problem compels them to seek treatment…. Read more »

The Right Cosmetic Work Can Have A Big Effect On Your Smile

The work your Katy, TX dentist can do to address your smile flaws can lead to some significant improvements. Are you tired of seeing your teeth as dull or discolored, and ready to make them notably brighter? By completing a single teeth whitening treatment, you can make your smile whiter by many shades. Does it… Read more »

An Untreated Tooth Problem Can Impact Your Dental Function

If you do not seek professional dental care for a toothache, you can allow a problem to continue developing, and worsening. You can also put yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to change how you bite and chew. Changes to your dental function can lead to stress on your jaw, which can cause you… Read more »

Arranging A Root Canal To Stop A Serious Cavity

By performing a root canal, your Katy, TX dentist can make sure an advanced cavity no longer poses a threat to your tooth, or your overall well-being. This procedure is not always necessary when taking on decay. With that said, it does become an important part of your restorative dental treatment when a cavity is… Read more »