Month: May 2019

Discussing The Changes Veneers Can Make To Your Appearance

Sure, porcelain veneers have been an effective cosmetic procedure for many people, and they have helped correct a variety of different problems, but are they the right treatment for you? While you can feel eager to show off an improved smile, you may worry that the path to that better-looking smile might be difficult, or… Read more »

Regaining Your Full Smile With All-On-4 Implant Dentures

The challenge of minor tooth loss can be serious, as it can affect your appearance and dental function. With that said, the problem grows more serious when more teeth are lost. At the point when all of a person’s upper or lower teeth are no longer present, serious problems with dental function can arise. Fortunately,… Read more »

Chipped Or Cracked Your Tooth? Let Your Dentist Check It

The pain that you feel after chipping or cracking a tooth can be the start of your problems, but it can be far from the last issue associated with a dental injury. Your appearance can be negatively affected by your injury, and you can be concerned because the pain seems to linger on after the… Read more »

Straightened Teeth Can Help You Address Oral Health Problems

Did you know that problems with dental alignment can have an impact on a person’s oral health? When people have crooked teeth, they sometimes focus on how the problem affects their smile, so it can feel as though orthodontic work is more about smile improvements than oral health care. What you should know is that… Read more »

Forming An Effective Plan Against Dental Discoloration

If you have a problem with the color of your teeth, the challenge before you can seem simple. After all, once the stains in your enamel are taken care of, you will have nothing to worry about…right? The practice of managing these stains can be more difficult than you might anticipate, particularly if you are… Read more »

Changes To Your Bite Function Can Help Prevent Headaches

If you find yourself frequently taking aspirin for headaches, pains in your neck and shoulders, or facial discomfort, you may want to bring up the problem with your dentist. You might not realize it, but the source of your issues could be related to your bite function. Your Katy, TX dentist can use modern tools… Read more »

Making Prosthetic Work Part Of A Plan To Restore Your Smile

While tooth loss can be the biggest oral health problem that currently affects you, it may not be your only concern. Because an incomplete smile can affect your appearance, and your bite function, replacing what you have already lost may just be the first step in the path towards fully addressing your dental needs. Your… Read more »

Can I Arrange More Than One Treatment With My Dentist?

You can certainly make arrangements for regular dental exams, and you can schedule a treatment if you have a problem, like tooth decay, that requires service. If you want to make a change to the way you look, of course you can arrange a cosmetic dental procedure. However, what kind of plans can you make… Read more »

We Provide Modern Solutions For Issues With Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is hardly a new problem facing patients, there have been advances in the way treatment is approached. One exciting change is the move to restorations that actually mimic the look of healthy enamel. Your Katy, TX dentist can make sure that if you need work done because of a cavity, you can receive… Read more »

Addressing Teeth Grinding, And Restoring Your Smile

A nightly teeth grinding habit, also known as bruxism, can be harmful to the way you look, it can put an excessive amount of stress on your jaw, and it can lead to serious dental damage. If you have been ignoring the signs of teeth grinding, you may have noticed how wear and tear has… Read more »