Month: June 2019

Your Dental Emergency Can Be Addressed At Our Practice

Our Katy, TX dental practice can work with you if you want to make dramatic cosmetic dental improvements. We can also help you plan services meant to restore an incomplete smile, or to help you address issues that contribute to your flawed bite. What you might not realize is that in addition to helping you… Read more »

Our Dental Technology Can Offer A Great Treatment Experience

At our Katy, TX dental practice, we are committed to making sure patients have great experiences with us! As part of that commitment to superior care, our practice uses advanced tools and technology to provide a modern treatment experience. Thanks to laser dental technology, you can look forward to treatments that are more comfortable, and… Read more »

Is This The Right Time To Start Your Smile Makeover?

A prolonged lack of care for your smile can lead to the formation of oral health troubles, and worrying changes to the way you look. If you have become alarmed at how your teeth look unhealthy, if you have problems with your dental function, or if you have concerns about your overall appearance, more than… Read more »

Finding The Right Way To Improve A Discolored Smile

Discolored teeth can create several issues that might make you self-conscious. Your smile can look unhealthy, older, and just not as attractive as it once was. This can lead to you feeling uncomfortable in pictures, while meeting new people, and generally any time you think people might notice the problem. While changing your behaviors and… Read more »

You May Need A Root Canal To Address Your Cavity

Why would a root canal treatment have to be scheduled when you have a cavity? Is there any way for you to avoid this procedure, while still ensuring that your tooth is effectively restored? If you want to prevent the need for a root canal for your cavity, you need to make sure the problem… Read more »

3 Oral Health Problems That A Dental Crown Can Address

Dental crowns are important for dental care, because they can effectively address many different concerns. These restorations are used for patients who have issues with tooth decay that dental fillings cannot properly address. They also have important functional benefits, and they offer support when you have trouble with proper dental function. Your Katy, TX dentist… Read more »

We Offer Solutions For Snoring And Sleep Apnea Concerns

A persistent issue with snoring can make a person self-conscious. What you might be surprised to hear is that if you snore due to sleep apnea, you may be at risk for serious health troubles! People who make loud noises while sleeping do so because soft tissues block their airways in their throat, leading to… Read more »

How Can I Tell If Bruxism Is Creating Problems In My Life?

Why is bruxism a difficult problem to manage? After all, the term refers to a habit of teeth grinding – when you catch yourself clenching your jaw, couldn’t you just put a stop to it? One reason this issue leads to so much trouble is that people who grind their teeth often do so throughout… Read more »

Are Veneers Effective At Addressing Chips And Cracks?

When you think about the kind of cosmetic dental problems that might accumulate over time, you may focus on problems associated with teeth stains. While dental discoloration is a concern that can affect many people, this is not the only problem that can grow in severity as time passes. You might have a different issue… Read more »

How Does A Dental Implant Hold Your Restoration In Place?

While a dental implant is not the actual, visible dental prosthetic that gives you back your full smile, it can be an important part in your overall restorative dental work. An implant effectively acts like an artificial root, keeping your tooth held in place against your jawbone. How is it possible for the implant to… Read more »