Month: June 2019

Are Veneers Effective At Addressing Chips And Cracks?

When you think about the kind of cosmetic dental problems that might accumulate over time, you may focus on problems associated with teeth stains. While dental discoloration is a concern that can affect many people, this is not the only problem that can grow in severity as time passes. You might have a different issue… Read more »

How Does A Dental Implant Hold Your Restoration In Place?

While a dental implant is not the actual, visible dental prosthetic that gives you back your full smile, it can be an important part in your overall restorative dental work. An implant effectively acts like an artificial root, keeping your tooth held in place against your jawbone. How is it possible for the implant to… Read more »

Using Invisalign To Improve Your Oral Health And Appearance

If you are tired of letting crooked teeth interfere with your appearance, you should start looking into your options for orthodontic treatment. When you do, you can quickly discover that you have different options for straightening your teeth, meaning you can see improvements without having to use traditional metal braces. In fact, you can set… Read more »

Don’t Put Off A Trip To The Dentist When You Have Tooth Pain

If you have tooth pain, your discomfort can be motivation enough to seek out treatment. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office understands that pain can be upsetting, and a reason to seek out care as soon as possible. In fact, if your pain is serious enough, you may want to reach out to schedule emergency dental… Read more »

Did You Know? Poor Dental Alignment Can Create Bite Problems

If you have poor dental alignment, you may be interested in seeing how much good an orthodontic procedure can do for your smile. This is certainly a path many people have followed to showing off cosmetic improvements, but this is not the only reason to have your teeth straightened! You may have issues with your… Read more »

Making Big Smile Changes With Minimal Tooth Alteration

If you want to make a big change to your smile, you must need considerable work done on your teeth…right? Patients who are interested in cosmetic dental work can be happily caught off guard by just how LITTLE needs to be done to their smiles to make the kind of notable changes they want. If… Read more »

How Worried Should I Really Be About One Lost Tooth?

Sure, you could understand wanting to act quickly if you lose a tooth that is highly visible, but how worried should you be when a missing tooth is harder to notice? If you have one gap closer to the back of your teeth, where people are unlikely to see it, should you still treat tooth… Read more »

Understanding How DTR Therapy Can Improve Your Daily Life

How can Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) Therapy improve your daily life? This is a treatment approach taken when someone has issues with their bite function that negatively affects their oral health, and causes problems like migraines and headaches, jaw stiffness and soreness, and other issues that are often connected to TMJ dysfunction. For patients who… Read more »

We Can Help You If You Have More Than One Cavity

The goal, when it comes to the health of your smile, is always to maintain cavity-free teeth. Even one issue with tooth decay will demand an appointment for restorative dental work, and that procedure can require a dental filling, or even a dental crown. In some cases, you might even have to worry about an… Read more »

Make An Appointment To Discuss The Benefits Of Contouring

Contouring work can make small, carefully selected changes that make big changes to your smile! During this cosmetic dental work, your Katy, TX dentist will help you show off big esthetic improvements by carefully removing excess dental material. As part of a dental bonding and contouring treatment, this process can ensure that a tooth that… Read more »