Month: February 2020

TMJ Disorder Can Cause Teeth Grinding – We Can Help

While there are several symptoms of TMJ disorder that should worry you, developing a habit of teeth grinding can be particularly concerning. When a person grinds their teeth frequently, they can cause dental wear and tear that hurts their smile, and may cause chips or cracks in their enamel. The action of clenching or grinding… Read more »

Addressing Dental Wear And Tear Through Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is often performed when people have congenital smile problems that have bothered them, or when a dental injury occurs. With that said, these are not the only scenarios where cosmetic care might be appropriate. As a person ages, they may begin to feel that their teeth are becoming less attractive due to gradual… Read more »

We Can Analyze And Address Problems Linked To A Bad Bite

When you think about your oral health, how much thought do you put into your natural bite function? While brushing, flossing, and scheduling regular dental checkups have clear benefits for your oral health, it may seem odd to think about how your bite might affect your well-being. What you should know is that a bad… Read more »

Implant Dentures Can Remain Comfortable Throughout Each Day

Are you going to have to permanently give up on some of your favorite foods because tooth loss has affected your bite? Will you have to learn to work around discomfort that you might feel speaking and laughing with missing teeth? Our Katy, TX dentist’s office has helped many people who have experienced tooth loss,… Read more »

3 Things You Should Know About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes, more than one procedure will be necessary to make a person confident in their smile again. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to help individuals who have several issues that currently hold them back from their ideal appearance and oral health. Have you been away from the dentist’s office for an… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Address Your Persistent Jaw Pain

When you choose to ignore problems with your jaw movement, you can ignore a problem that may lead to persistent headaches, habitual teeth grinding, and dental damage! If it has become difficult for you to move your jaw without stiffness or pain, it can mean an unresolved issue with your jaw or dental function has… Read more »

3 Smile Concerns You Can Address Through Cosmetic Dentistry

While you might have a clear idea of what you would like to change about your smile, you may be unsure of how a particular change can be made. Can cosmetic dentistry help you build your confidence in the way you look? Will you need to plan more than one procedure to see the results… Read more »

Tooth Loss Can Lead To Jaw Problems – Implants Can Help

After losing a tooth, you can have several valid concerns on your mind. It can be alarming to think about how a gap in your smile might affect the way you look, and how others perceive you. It can also be upsetting to think about how tooth loss might interfere with your ability to enjoy… Read more »

Should My Smile Makeover Include Restorative Work?

If you begin to review the benefits of a smile makeover, you can feel thrilled to have access to treatment that can make notable improvements to your smile. With that said, you may feel unsure of what the process will involve, particularly if you have worries about your dental health. Can your dentist really move… Read more »

Addressing Poor Bite Alignment Can Help With Migraines

While you may put little thought into the movements of your jaw, problems with your bite alignment can be a serious concern. People sometimes remain unaware that their application and release of force is uneven due to problems with their movement, or issues with their teeth. Even if you are unaware that poor bite alignment… Read more »