Month: March 2020

We Are Ready To Provide Emergency Dental Services

Having access to emergency dental care can be important when something goes wrong. After suffering a dental injury, or in a period of serious dental discomfort, you can find yourself in need of care on short notice. While your Katy, TX dentist certainly hopes you never need it, you should know that you have access… Read more »

We Can Address Smile Gaps Through Cosmetic Dentistry

Spacing issues between teeth are often a sign of poor alignment, but it can also happen if you have a smaller tooth that leaves space between it and its neighbor. While there is more than one cause for a smile gap, the problem can be a consistent concern for people who feel that it hurts… Read more »

Can I Put Bite Pressure On An Implant-Held Restoration?

There are many frustrating consequences that you can experience after losing a tooth. One issue that can actually become more problematic over time is the effect that tooth loss can have on your bite function. If you are not able to bite and chew with a natural motion, you can put stress on your jaw… Read more »

Including Implant Dentistry In Full Mouth Reconstruction

Ambitious smile improvements can be planned as part of a full mouth reconstruction. You can talk with your Katy, TX dentist about procedures to restore teeth in poor condition, change your bite function to address jaw pain, and even close gaps in your smile caused by tooth loss. When it comes to addressing tooth loss,… Read more »

Make Sure You Talk About Discomfort During A Dental Checkup

If you go in for a routine dental exam, you can expect your dentist to look for evidence of tooth decay or gum disease. What you might not realize is that these visits are also your opportunity to talk about problems with your dental function, as well as any persistent aches and pains that you… Read more »

TMJ Disorder May Be Responsible For Your Stiff Jaw Movement

When your jaw starts to feel stiff, you can become reluctant to speak for fear of causing discomfort. If the problem becomes a consistent concern, you can grow uncomfortable doing things like laughing, speaking, and even eating! While it can be easy to see how these problems can affect your life, you may be less… Read more »

Can A Smile Makeover Include Work To Restore Damaged Teeth?

For some patients, cosmetic dentistry is a means of addressing the kinds of naturally occurring problems with the shape, size, and alignment of teeth that can hurt a person’s smile. For others, a treatment can give them back the smile they used to enjoy by addressing problems like teeth stains, as well as wear and… Read more »

3 Embarrassing Smile Flaws Cosmetic Dentistry Can Address

When you smile for a picture, or when you meet someone new, concerns about the color, condition, or spacing of your teeth can make you feel self-conscious. People sometimes feel that cosmetic improvements are out of reach, which can leave them feeling a sense of resignation to the way they look, and the way they… Read more »

Can A Visit With Your Dentist Lead To Migraine Relief?

No matter how much you have to do, or how much you are looking forward to your day, a migraine can put a stop to all of your plans. It may seem unfair to find yourself frequently dealing with this problem, and you can be eager to understand how they can be avoided. You might… Read more »

A Study Of Your Bite Can Help With Treatment For Jaw Pain

If it starts to feel as though you cannot go a single day without some kind of jaw pain, it may be time to reach out to your dentist for help. This problem can stem from many different issues – it may be due to poor alignment of your jaw joints, stress on the joints… Read more »