Month: June 2020

These Actions Can Make A Dental Injury Even More Concerning

While it is hard to feel calm after hurting your tooth, the availability of emergency dental work can make your experience less concerning. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to see patients who are in need of treatment as soon as possible because of pain, dental damage, or even the loss of… Read more »

Seeing Your Dentist For Relief From A Persistent Toothache

If you are growing concerned about a toothache that is not subsiding, or one that makes it hard for you to go about your day, know that your Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help. A problem that causes a persistent pain is not something to ignore – in fact, it could be a… Read more »

This Is Why A Cracked Tooth Is A Serious Oral Health Issue

Dental enamel is a remarkably strong, but our teeth can be damaged. When they happens, it can leave you with an injury that will not heal on its own, meaning you will have to seek restorative dental treatment. If you crack a tooth, your injury will leave you at risk for further damage, as well… Read more »

Emergency Dental Work Puts Important Care Within Reach

It is difficult to focus on anything beyond your need for dental care when you are struggling with a severe toothache, or when your tooth has been damaged. Fortunately, setting up an appointment on short notice can be easier than you realize! At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to see patients who… Read more »

These Issues Can Call For Emergency Dental Work

When you imagine a scenario where you need emergency dental work, you may picture yourself in pain because of a tooth that was knocked out or badly broken. Physical injuries can make a trip to the dentist’s office feel urgent, but there are other issues that can call for an emergency visit. Sometimes, a prompt… Read more »

Be Careful Not To Put Pressure On An Injured Tooth

If your tooth is injured, it can remain vulnerable until it is treated by your dentist. What this means is that until you have the appropriate restorative dental work done, you can be unable to properly bite, chew, or even speak without putting yourself at risk for damaging it further! At our Katy, TX, we… Read more »

How Worried Should I Be If I Think My Tooth Is Infected?

A toothache is a common issue for people who develop problems with tooth infections, but that does not mean it is something you can safely ignore. An infection can sometimes take time to develop. At first, you can have a small cavity that is treatable with a dental filling, but as time passes it will… Read more »

Tips For Safely Bringing A Dislodged Tooth To Your Dentist

There is a chance to save a tooth that has been completely knocked out of its socket, but it is important that you seek treatment as soon as possible. After a limited amount of time, your tooth can reach a state where there is not a way to return it to your smile. You can… Read more »

What Can You Count On At An Emergency Dental Appointment?

How much can you really expect from your dentist when you have to arrange an emergency appointment? How serious should a problem be before you even consider trying to set up treatment on short notice? Our Katy, TX dentist’s office takes dental emergencies seriously, and we are committed to making sure that people in our… Read more »

Dental Pain Can Be A Warning That Your Tooth Is Infected

A problem with tooth pain is not something that you should simply write off as an inconvenience. Pain is a symptom of a tooth infection, something that can lead to problems with tooth loss as well as the spread of bacteria to other parts of your body if nothing is done to address it. Until… Read more »