Month: May 2021

Discussing Treatments That Whiten Teeth

Your smile can have many positive attributes, but if you have noticeable issues with discoloration, it can be difficult to feel confident in the way you look. The good news is that you can more easily arrange treatment to deal with this problem than you might realize! Through teeth whitening treatment at our Katy, TX… Read more »

Can Dental Crowns Improve Your Smile?

If your teeth are damaged, affected by decay, or they have issues that interfere with your bite function, dental crowns can provide effective, long-term treatment. While the oral health benefits of restoring vulnerable teeth can be easy to recognize, you may have questions about what treatment will do to your smile. At our Katy, TX… Read more »

Cosmetic Changes For Misshapen Teeth

If you have teeth that are not the right shape or size for your smile, or if any are misshapen because of damage or wear and tear, you can be eager to fix the issue. This is something that our Katy, TX dentist’s office can address by performing cosmetic dental work. Just one procedure may… Read more »

Beginning Treatment To Straighten Teeth

If you are tired of feeling embarrassed over crooked, uneven teeth, you should know that there are more treatment options than just traditional metal braces. For some patients, the right approach to smile care will instead depend on Invisalign aligners, a series of clear aligners that you can wear discreetly and remove on your own!… Read more »

3 Issues A Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Address

Difficulties with your oral health can impact your confidence and general well-being, and it can also lead to issues with daily discomfort. For someone who has several issues with their smile, the idea of starting treatment can feel intimidating. What will it take to address all of your current concerns and ensure that your teeth… Read more »

Planning Dental Treatment For Several Teeth

There are times when fully restoring a person’s oral health means responding to problems with several of their teeth. If you are someone who is dealing with multiple cavities, or if you have several issues with dental damage from bruxism, our Katy, TX dentist’s office can work with you to make sure that you have… Read more »

Address Flaws Caused By Poor Teeth Spacing

An issue with uneven teeth spacing can affect both your appearance and oral health. Even if the spacing troubles you have only cause superficial concerns, you can find it difficult to feel truly confident when you smile because of the effect they have on your smile. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can help… Read more »

Planning Cosmetic Treatment With Veneers

Do you feel confident that a cosmetic dental procedure can give you all of the smile changes that you desire? People who are not aware of what the right treatment can do for them may hesitate to move forward with treatment, as they may expect they will need several procedures to see the results they… Read more »

Addressing Your Ongoing TMJ Problems

As long as you continue to ignore the signs that you have issues with TMJ disorder, you can continue to struggle with pain and stiffness when you bite, chew, and speak. In other words, discomfort can become a persistent issue until you speak to your dentist about your troubles! At our Katy, TX dentist’s office,… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile And Oral Health

If you are not taking care of your smile on a consistent basis, you can develop more than one issue with your appearance and oral health that will call for treatment. As different issues develop, you can grow concerned at the work that will be needed to fully restore your smile. Fortunately, you can count… Read more »