Month: August 2021

Can Dental Work Help You Avoid TMJ Issues?

Is dental treatment capable of helping someone stop experiencing TMJ pain? Can a timely procedure actually prevent you from experiencing these issues with jaw discomfort and sensitivity? There are certain problems with your smile that can lead to bite difficulties, which can then lead to trouble with TMJ disorder. One concern is that you are… Read more »

Why Do Some Cavities Require Root Canals?

While you may have had a cavity treated in the past, you may be unfamiliar with root canal therapy. Why is it sometimes necessary for your dentist to provide this service in order to fully treat decay? The longer you let a cavity grow, the more likely you are to experience complications. Eventually, a tooth… Read more »

A Whitening Treatment For Tougher Enamel Stains

Is it time to do something about your teeth stains? When people act quickly to fight worsening discoloration, or when they make choices that actively limit exposure to stains, they can have an easier time preserving their smile color. However, if you are trying to deal with the problem after noticing significant changes in the… Read more »

Restoring The Appearance Of A Cracked Tooth

When our teeth are healthy, they can maintain an attractive appearance and also absorb considerable pressure generated whenever we bite and chew food. While the strength of dental enamel effectively protects against physical harm, that damage can occur. This can lead to problems with your appearance as well as potential issues with your oral health…. Read more »

How Do I Avoid Worsening Dental Wear And Tear?

When you think about how much work our teeth have to do to consistently break down different types of foods, it can be hard to imagine how they are able to withstand so much. The outer layer of enamel that protects them is remarkably strong. With that said, some people will observe changes in their… Read more »

Treating Patients Who Have Several Cavities

What difficulties will you need to worry about if you stop making your oral hygiene a priority? Someone who is not consistent with preventive care can find that they have several oral health issues that need to be addressed at one time. This can certainly complicate your ability to arrange dental care, but you should… Read more »

See Exciting Results From A Cosmetic Treatment

The right cosmetic dental procedure can lead to stunning smile changes. While you may have some idea of what a treatment can do for you, it can be helpful to learn more about the value of these services. As you learn more, some details can be truly surprising. For example, you may be able to… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile Through Implant Dentistry

Restorative treatments take on potentially serious issues that interfere with your health and dental function. At our Katy, TX dental office, we can address different concerns that can arise. You can come to us with concerns about cavities and problems with physical damage and receive important treatment. We can also help when you need to… Read more »

How DTR Therapy Addresses Bite Pain

If you try to simply live with bite pain, your quality of life can suffer. When ignored, the problem can grow more severe, leading to a gradual rise in discomfort that you can have a hard time enduring. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can offer important services to people who struggle with pain… Read more »

Patient Comfort During Involved Dental Work

If you want to preserve your smile and avoid possibly serious oral health issues, it is important to be consistent with regular exams and cleanings. Some people avoid these routine visits, and even try to avoid the dentist’s office when they feel something is wrong, because the idea of oral health care makes them uncomfortable…. Read more »