Month: November 2021

Can An Injury Change Your Tooth Color?

While dental discoloration is something that is often traced back to stains left on our teeth by different foods and drinks, it can also occur when the color of your internal tooth structure changes. When this happens, the right treatment can call for something other than a cosmetic whitening service. At our Katy, TX dentist’s… Read more »

Improve Your Smile By Treating Worn Enamel

As the years pass, you can struggle with noticeable changes in the condition of your smile. These changes can come in the form of enamel stains, but it can also be linked to difficulties with wear and tear. This can change your appearance by making your smile uneven, and giving it an older, less healthy… Read more »

Will A Dental Crown Provide Enough Bite Support?

There are several questions that you may have when you learn you need restorative dental work that includes the placement of a crown. Because this restoration completely covers your tooth above the gum line, its appearance can be of concern, but even if the tooth is hard to see, you can have questions about its… Read more »

Your Experience With Tooth Bonding Treatment

The experience you have with cosmetic work should be a positive one. With that said, if your expectations for treatment are low, you may be surprised at just how positive a “positive” experience can really be! Did you know that you can take on problems with the shape, size, and color of a tooth with… Read more »

Taking On Issues Caused By TMJ Disorder

Your issues with TMJ disorder can be the reason why you no longer try to eat certain foods that are harder to chew, why you experience more frequent headaches, and why you sometimes find it hard to even move your jaw due to pain and stiffness. In other words, it is something that can hurt… Read more »

Why Patients Look Into Treatment With Veneers

If you find yourself thinking about how you would like to improve your smile, you should know that there are cosmetic treatment options that can deliver exciting results. In fact, you could see all of your desired changes after just one procedure! Our Katy, TX dentist’s office offers different services, including treatments that rely on… Read more »

What Should Your Full Mouth Reconstruction Cover?

As problems with your oral health begin to accumulate, you can grow concerned over what it will take to fully restore your smile. How can you make sure you have all of the right procedures arranged, and what can you do to make sure the treatments you need fit into your schedule? At our Katy,… Read more »

How Sedation Makes Dental Work More Comfortable

When you feel uneasy about dental work, you can have a difficult time resisting the temptation to delay or avoid treatment, even when there is an active problem with your smile that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, this can lead to difficulties as the problem you need to treat can become more severe, which can… Read more »

Revealing A Better Smile Through Gum Contouring

There are different strategies we can recommend if you want to show off a more attractive smile. What might surprise you is that cosmetic dental work does not call for treatment to change the appearance of teeth in all cases. For some patients, the right approach is one that relies on gum contouring, which means… Read more »

Services That Improve The Color Of Your Teeth

As long as you feel dissatisfied by the color of your smile, it can be difficult to have real confidence in your overall appearance. This is a frustrating issue, as many of the popular foods and drinks that people consume regularly can contribute to stains that worsen in time and lead to a loss of… Read more »