Month: January 2022

Prosthetic Dentistry And Your Smile

The longer you go without treatment for a lost tooth, the more trouble you can experience with this issue. A single gap in your smile can make serious trouble for your smile, and it can also create unwelcome problems with your ability to bite, chew, and maintain your oral health. At our Katy, TX dentist’s… Read more »

Effectively Treating Intrinsic Discoloration

Why should you be concerned about the cause of your dental discoloration? If you want to effectively brighten your smile, it is important to know whether you need to do something about teeth stains or issues within your tooth structure. For intrinsic discoloration—problems within the tooth structure that dull teeth—you can require something other than… Read more »

Learn How You Can Address Dental Wear And Tear

Are your teeth starting to appear worn down and misshapen? They have a difficult job—years of biting and chewing through different foods creates friction that can affect your enamel, and that can lead to noticeable changes in your smile. If you are growing concerned about these changes, your Katy, TX dentist can help. Through the… Read more »

Addressing Jaw Pain And Poor Bite Movement

As problems with your jaw movement worsen, you can have daily issues with pain and stiffness, and you can even find it harder to bite and chew certain foods. These issues can be linked to an issue with TMJ disorder, which occurs when your jaw is no longer in proper alignment. This can have additional… Read more »

Targeting Smile Flaws Through Tooth Bonding

How precise is cosmetic dental work? If you have targeted, specific goals in mind for your procedure, will you be able to minimize the overall changes to your tooth structure? With the right procedure, you can see real results that only require conservative work on your enamel. In fact, you can actually see positive changes… Read more »

When You Begin Treatment With Clear Aligners

When you have uncorrected issues with poor teeth spacing, you can have both cosmetic and oral health issues to worry about. Problems with the alignment of your smile can make trouble for your appearance, but it also causes potential issues with your bite function, and it can even interfere with your ability to manage your… Read more »

Arranging Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

If a long break in dental appointments has left you with several oral health issues that need to be managed, our Katy, TX dental office can help! There are times when the appropriate restorative work calls for treatments to take care of multiple teeth. Your treatments can cover dental decay, damage to tooth structure, and… Read more »

Making Dental Procedures More Comfortable

When a problem with your oral health is discovered, your Katy, TX dentist can provide the appropriate treatment. For patients with more significant concerns around dental damage or decay, we may need to provide a more involved restorative procedure. If this is the case for you, or if you need to arrange a longer treatment… Read more »

Do I Need A Veneer Or A Dental Crown?

There are times when the right way to address a dental problem involves the placement of a permanent restoration. When teeth are chipped or cracked, or when other issues affect their shape and size, your Katy, TX dentist’s office is ready to help. What you might not realize is that there is more than one… Read more »

Services Included In A Smile Makeover

The idea of a smile makeover can have a strong appeal for many individuals. Any issues that you have with the appearance of your teeth can make you self-conscious. After all, our smiles tend to draw the focus of others, making “minor” issues more difficult to keep hidden. Individuals who have several issues that they… Read more »