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3D Imaging: Waves of the Future

Radiographs, or X-rays, are one the most essential tools a dentist can use to help diagnose, treat, and monitor your dental health. X-rays allow us to see underlying structures of your mouth and plan your specific treatments accordingly. We have taken our technology one step further with the use of stunning 3D imaging technology. This allows… Read more »

How Your Dentist Uses 3D Imaging Technology

Knowing the details of your mouth’s landscape is a vital part of your professional dental care. By knowing exactly how your teeth are oriented, the condition your gums are in, and the status of your jawbone and other oral tissues, we can better diagnose your dental health and the need for treatment, if necessary. To… Read more »

Three Dimensional X-rays in Dentistry

Dental 3D cone beam technology is also known as computed tomography (CT). This is a specialized type of x-ray machine which is well utilized for circumstances requiring a clearer and deeper picture of a dental or facial condition. These x-rays have not been routinely used in the past because the radiation exposure is higher than… Read more »