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Have You Hurt Your Smile By Grinding Your Teeth?

When you have issues with stress or have unresolved problems with TMJ disorder, you can develop a tendency to grind or clench your teeth. Over time, the friction generated by this habit can change your smile by wearing down your enamel, and even by causing more significant harm in the form of chips and cracks…. Read more »

Why Do I Have Pain When I Bite And Chew?

Regular, simple movements of your jaw should be pain-free, but when you suffer from TMJ disorder, you can experience discomfort whenever you bite and chew. Until you seek treatment for this issue, the problem can grow worse, and you can experience new issues, such as the onset of a teeth grinding habit that damages your… Read more »

Evaluating And Correcting Bite Issues

The longer you wait to do something about your difficulties with poor bite function, the more likely you are to experience worsening problems with jaw pain. An uneven or awkward bite can also cause you to overwork certain teeth, something that will make you more vulnerable to dental troubles. Your Katy, TX dentist is ready… Read more »

Recognizing Signs Of An Uneven Bite

If there are problems with your jaw movement, you can experience different oral health concerns, including problems with TMJ disorder. While you may not be aware that you rely on an awkward or uneven movement, you can recognize the signs of poor bite equilibration, and you can discuss them at our Katy, TX dentist’s office… Read more »

Identifying The Reason For Your Bite Pain

When you experience difficulties with stiffness and pain when you bite and chew, you can grow understandably concerned about your oral health. You can also become frustrated with the persistent discomfort that affects you throughout your day. The good news is that you can talk with your Katy, TX dentist to both determine why you… Read more »

Treatment To Address Frequent Jaw Pain

When simple jaw movements to eat and speak become painful or difficult, you should be concerned. Bite problems can develop when you have unresolved issues with uneven movement that taxes your joints and muscles. As your discomfort worsens, you can also experience issues with teeth grinding, headaches, and other problems that impact your quality of… Read more »

A Study Of Your Bite Can Help With Treatment For Jaw Pain

If it starts to feel as though you cannot go a single day without some kind of jaw pain, it may be time to reach out to your dentist for help. This problem can stem from many different issues – it may be due to poor alignment of your jaw joints, stress on the joints… Read more »

How Can A “Bad Bite” Affect Your Quality Of Life?

How common is it to have pain when you bite and chew? Is discomfort something you really need to worry about, or something that you can disregard without issue? Ideally, you should be able to move your jaw when you bite, chew, and speak without stiffness or pain. If this is frequently not the case… Read more »

This Is Why You Should Discuss Migraines With Your Dentist

If your tooth hurts, telling your dentist about the problem can feel like an obvious decision. Would you also consider speaking to your dentist about migraines? If these painful headaches are affecting you, it can actually be a sign of trouble with your bite function. A bite motion that is unbalanced or awkward can put… Read more »

We Can Analyze And Address Problems Linked To A Bad Bite

When you think about your oral health, how much thought do you put into your natural bite function? While brushing, flossing, and scheduling regular dental checkups have clear benefits for your oral health, it may seem odd to think about how your bite might affect your well-being. What you should know is that a bad… Read more »