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Correcting Bite Function To Address TMJ Issues

The act of biting and chewing food is one that can feel reflexive, but for people who have difficulties with TMJ disorder, these basic motions can become a source of discomfort. For some, problems with joint alignment and movement lead to worsening discomfort over time, something that can lead to stiffness and pain as well… Read more »

Carefully Assessing Your Bite Problems

Through a proper review of your dental health, your Katy, TX dentist can identify issues that can lead to discomfort and more difficulties with your oral health. One of the concerns we can look for is a problem with your bite alignment. If it is not in good alignment, you can experience problems with TMJ… Read more »

When You Need To Resolve Problems With Jaw Pain

How often do you find yourself struggling to bite and chew because of discomfort in your jaw? Are you experiencing issues with pain and stiffness on a more frequent basis? Your jaw pain could be linked to an issue with TMJ disorder, which is the result of problems with the alignment of your joints. In… Read more »

When Bite Movement Becomes Painful

Proper jaw alignment is important because it helps you evenly distribute pressure when you bite and chew. It is also important for limiting stress and strain on the joints and muscles. When poor alignment becomes a concern, you can experience stiffness and pain when you move your jaw, along with difficulties like facial pain, headaches,… Read more »

Headache Relief Provided By Your Dentist

When a headache strikes, it can rob you of focus, ruin your mood, and generally make your day more difficult. When they become more frequent and more painful, it can become difficult to enjoy your daily life. What might surprise you is that your dentist can provide treatment that successfully addresses your difficulties. Through treatment… Read more »

Can Poor Jaw Alignment Be Addressed?

When a problem with your jaw alignment starts to affect your life, it can be tough to avoid feelings of discomfort that impact your quality of life. This change in your lower jaw’s position and movement can cause increasing stress on your joints and muscles, which causes pain, limitations in biting and chewing, and even… Read more »

Addressing Jaw Pain And Poor Bite Movement

As problems with your jaw movement worsen, you can have daily issues with pain and stiffness, and you can even find it harder to bite and chew certain foods. These issues can be linked to an issue with TMJ disorder, which occurs when your jaw is no longer in proper alignment. This can have additional… Read more »

Making Improvements To Your Bite Movement

Something you perform as often as biting and chewing can certainly feel natural, but an imbalance that is not corrected can lead to worsening strain on your joints and muscles. As a result, you can experience persistent discomfort as well as a limited ability perform these movements without pain. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office,… Read more »

TMJ Disorder And Your Bite Movement

While biting and chewing movements can appear simple, problems with the alignment of your jaw can lead to worsening pain, stiffness, and even problems with pain in your face, head, and neck. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you correct problems with your jaw movement that have led to ongoing difficulties with… Read more »

Performing A Review Of Your Bite Function

Is there really an advantage to having your dentist evaluate your bite function? When you struggle with jaw pain and stiffness, a problem with uneven or awkward jaw movement could be the reason why. To determine if this is the case, your Katy, TX dentist can provide a review of your dental movements to see… Read more »