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Identifying The Reason For Your Bad Bite

When you have trouble biting and chewing comfortably, the problem may be with your dental function. A “bad bite” can be the consequence of improper or uneven jaw movement taxing your joints and muscles, and leading to difficulties. If this problem is not corrected, you can develop chronic pain, and experience new concerns like teeth… Read more »

Are You Ready To Stop Living With Jaw Pain? We Can Help!

If jaw pain is continually limiting your ability to bite and chew, or if it proving to be a constant distraction, seeking treatment can be beneficial. You may not realize it, but your troubles may be linked to an issue with your oral health, or with your natural jaw movement. Our Katy, TX dental practice… Read more »

A Bad Bite Can Lead To Pain, And Tooth Problems

Can an action as simple as biting and chewing really create oral health problems for you? If you are affected by a poor bite function, you may be unaware of how much strain you put on your jaw joints and muscles every time you perform these routine tasks. As a result, you can begin experiencing… Read more »

Ignoring The Signs Of A Bad Bite Can Lead To Daily Pain

If something feels “off” when you bite, you should not just ignore the matter. An awkward bite motion, or biting and chewing functions that are compromised by a toothache, can tax your jaw. This ongoing stress can put you in a situation where you are dealing with daily pain because of TMJ disorder. Individuals who… Read more »

Your TMJ Pain Could Be The Result Of Flawed Bite Movement

The pains that stem from TMJ dysfunction can include migraines and headaches, jaw stiffness, facial discomfort, and even neck and shoulder pain. While these symptoms occur in a number of different spaces, they could be connected to an untreated problem with your bite! A flawed bite motion can create stress that negatively impacts your jaw… Read more »

Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy Can Help With Migraines

Migraines can derail your day by putting you through severe pain. One reason people sometimes struggle with migraines and headaches is that they have unresolved problems with TMJ disorder due to bite issues. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we can determine if your problems might be rooted in TMJ problems, and determine how to… Read more »

We Can Perform Tests To Find The Reason For Your Bad Bite

Having problems with the alignment of your bite can weaken certain teeth, leaving you prone to problems that will require restorative dental work. You can also develop problems with your jaw joints, which can lead to headaches, facial pains, and issues with biting and chewing motions. There can be several reasons a person starts to… Read more »

How Can A “Bad Bite” Affect Your Oral Health?

What problems tend to lead to oral health troubles over time? A poor diet is certainly something that can create problems; inconsistent brushing and flossing can also lead to issues that call for restorative dental work. You may not think about the quality of your bite affecting your oral health, but a bad bite can… Read more »

Our Dental Practice Can Help You Put An End To Your Jaw Pain

Living with jaw pain can affect your ability to focus, it can dampen your mood, and it can interfere with your ability to simply relax. Because problems with jaw pain can also affect you by causing headaches, limited dental function, and neck pain, going without treatment can seriously intrude on your quality of life. These… Read more »

Treating Jaw Troubles Can Lead To Migraine Relief

Migraines can cause severe pain, and leave you unable to go about your normal daily routine. What people sometimes fail to realize is that a problem with recurring migraines may be caused by an unresolved dental issue. Our Katy, TX dental practice may be able to provide migraine relief for you by examining your oral… Read more »