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An Untreated Problem With Your Bite Can Cause Headaches

Do you feel like you constantly have to put up with painful headaches, or even migraines? If so, you can understandably wonder why this has issue has become so persistent. What you should know is that many people experience headaches because of untreated TMJ dysfunction, which can occur due to unaddressed problems with your bite… Read more »

Correcting Bite-Related Issues Can Benefit Your Oral Health

Life with an improper bite can lead to more dental troubles than you would probably prefer to experience. With that said, you may be unsure of what makes someone’s bite function “improper,” and just as unsure of how the problem can be studied. Our Katy, TX dental practice uses Tekscan pressure mapping to observe when… Read more »

If Jaw Problems Affect How You Bite And Speak, We Can Help

You make frequent use of your jaw muscles and joints throughout a typical day. After all, you rely on your jaw movement during speaking, biting, and chewing, practices that are sure to come up often! With this in mind, it should be easy to see just how intrusive chronic jaw problems can become. If you… Read more »

We Can Find The Right Solution To Your Bite Problems

When an issue with your bite function is ignored, or not properly treated, the matter can lead to physical discomfort, as well as a higher risk for the development of additional dental issues. However, when the problem is properly reviewed, an appropriate course of action can be taken to reduce discomfort, and protect you against… Read more »

Did You Know? Poor Dental Alignment Can Create Bite Problems

If you have poor dental alignment, you may be interested in seeing how much good an orthodontic procedure can do for your smile. This is certainly a path many people have followed to showing off cosmetic improvements, but this is not the only reason to have your teeth straightened! You may have issues with your… Read more »

Understanding How DTR Therapy Can Improve Your Daily Life

How can Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) Therapy improve your daily life? This is a treatment approach taken when someone has issues with their bite function that negatively affects their oral health, and causes problems like migraines and headaches, jaw stiffness and soreness, and other issues that are often connected to TMJ dysfunction. For patients who… Read more »

Changes To Your Bite Function Can Help Prevent Headaches

If you find yourself frequently taking aspirin for headaches, pains in your neck and shoulders, or facial discomfort, you may want to bring up the problem with your dentist. You might not realize it, but the source of your issues could be related to your bite function. Your Katy, TX dentist can use modern tools… Read more »

Can A Study Of Your Bite Really Reveal Oral Health Issues?

To find problems with your oral health, your Katy, TX dentist can use several approaches. During a routine dental exam, a careful examination of your teeth and gums can take place, including reviews with imaging technology. While a typical review can help identify problems with tooth decay, and other issues with the condition of individual… Read more »

Improving Your Bite Can Offer Long-Term Oral Health Benefits

It can be easy to see how bad brushing habits, or inconsistent flossing, can create problems for your smile. What you might not realize is that a flawed bite function can contribute to real problems as well. If your bite is flawed, you can put too much pressure on certain teeth, or put excessive pressure… Read more »

Oral Health Problems Could Be The Reason For Your Headaches

Does it really make sense to see your dentist because you keep experiencing headaches? As surprising as it may seem, your Katy, TX dentist may be just the right person to reach out to if you want to address this problem. One reason people have recurring headaches is because of untreated issues with their bite… Read more »