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I Think I’m Experiencing TMJ Dysfunction – What Caused It?

People with TMJ dysfunction can feel like they are at the mercy of their troubles. The problem can stem from many different issues. Stress, a physical injury, and poor bite alignment all have the potential to create issues with your jaw joints, or the muscles that allow your jaw to operate. While there are several… Read more »

Problems With Your Bite Alignment Can Hurt Your Oral Health

You might be surprised at the way different oral health issues can intrude on your ability to maintain a properly aligned bite. Crooked teeth, dental damage, and unaddressed tooth loss can all change the way you bite down. If your bite problem is not addressed, it can eventually lead to further trouble for your dental… Read more »

Taking Steps To Correct Problems With Your Bite

Poor brushing and flossing habits can be an obvious smile risk, as can a tendency to consume sugary snacks. What you might not realize is that your bite function can also pose a potential problem for your oral health. Bite equilibration refers to the evenness of your bite. If your bite is uneven, you can… Read more »

Bite Problems Can Negatively Affect Your Life – We Can Help

The way you bite can impact your life in ways that you might not expect. If there are issues that prevent you from maintaining an even bite, you can develop problems that affect your teeth, and your jaw function. If you ignore these problems, you can wind up with complications from TMJ dysfunction, and signs… Read more »

Why Patients Should Worry If Their Bite Is Uneven

Your diet, your habits with brushing and flossing, and your consistency with routine dental exams all affect your long-term oral health. This is hardly a surprise, as people are familiar with the ways preventive care, and their food and drink choices, impact their odds of experiencing problems like tooth decay. What you might not realize… Read more »

Your Bite Problems May Lead To Chronic Discomfort

Stiffness in your jaw joints can lead to pain or limited movement when you bite, chew, or try to talk. These problems can be a result of TMJ dysfunction, an issue that can cause many people pain. While the problem is concentrated on your jaw, there are also pains that can affect your face, neck,… Read more »

A Few Questions About Bite Equilibration

Balancing your bite is an important part of your oral health, and it takes several different aspects of your smile to do it properly. For instance, your jawbone must be even, your jaw joints must work together, and all of your teeth must be properly aligned for your bite to be effectively balanced. When any… Read more »

Does Your Bite Feel Off? Ask About Bite Equilibration

When people think of occlusion, or bite balance, they often think of crooked teeth. After all, malocclusion frequently describes teeth that have grown out of proper alignment to varying degrees. However, your bite’s balance relies on more than just your tooth alignment, and bite equilibration is often the most effective way of ensuring that this… Read more »