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Using Fluoride And Sealants To Help Your Kids Avoid Cavities

Kids can be counted on to practice smart smile care, but they can benefit from guidance. While you can certainly help them with their brushing and flossing habits, and talk to them about the hazards of sugar for their teeth, make sure they also enjoy professional dental care. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office welcomes young… Read more »

Do Your Kids Recognize Why Oral Care Is Important?

You can tell them to brush their teeth before bed. You can remind them that too much sugar can lead to cavities. As much as you can nudge your kids in the right direction when it comes to smile care, helping them understand why they should keep their teeth healthy can be important. After all,… Read more »

Will Christmas Treats Cause Trouble For Your Child’s Smile?

It can be hard to resist opportunities to spoil the kids at Christmas time. While that spoiling often comes in the form of gift-giving, this tends to be a time of year where everyone has more access to sweets than normal. One concern with this is that kids can be less clear on the harm… Read more »

Offering Instruction And Support To Kids During Dental Care

Kids can be curious about the world, and eager to learn. Unfortunately, they can also fail to recognize the importance of certain everyday habits, at least when they first learn them. One reason children can be more vulnerable to tooth decay is that they lack a proper understanding of how to protect their teeth. Fortunately,… Read more »

Be Prepared For Halloween So You Can Avoid Smile Trouble

Few moments in the year can be as exciting for younger kids as trick-or-treating as Halloween. The evening starts with putting on a fun costume, and ends with lots of candy – who wouldn’t be excited? Of course, that candy acquisition can be trouble, particularly for young teeth. What can you do to make sure… Read more »

Delivering Dedicated Dental Care To Patients Of All Ages

Everyone in your family should be able to feel confident in the condition of their smiles. While everyone should be focused on keeping their teeth in good condition, your family can have different needs based on their ages. Kids, like adults, need to be careful about developing cavities. Unfortunately, they can be less clear on… Read more »

How Can I Make Sure My Kids Take Smile Care Seriously?

Halloween is less than two months away – as fun as it can be to watch your kids jump for joy over their candy haul, you can be understandably worried about their teeth. Of course, smile care should be a concern every day of the year. It can take a limited time for plaque to… Read more »

Bring Your Kids In For Smile Care Before School Starts

Preparing for the new school year can mean taking on several responsibilities. Shopping for clothes, and making sure your kids have all the right school supplies, are important steps. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office can help you make sure that your children start their new school year with healthy, happy smiles when you schedule pediatric… Read more »

How to Help Children Prevent Cavities Better

Children’s dentistry differs from general adult dental care in a few important ways. For instance, prevention is the cornerstone of good dental health at all ages. However, children’s dentistry also includes treatment options designed specifically to assist the proper growth and development of your child’s teeth and oral structures. One of the most common threats… Read more »

Baby Teeth: True-Or-False Quiz

Are you sure about how to keep your child’s smile healthy? Are you aware that maintaining baby teeth is actually a crucial step toward protecting your child’s future smile? If this is a bit shocking to you, it’s certainly time you come in for a visit with us to learn more. Let’s do a bit… Read more »