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3 Things You Should Know If You Struggle With Dental Anxiety

While some people only feel uneasy about the idea of restorative dental work, others can feel concern with any time in the dentist’s office, including a routine dental exam. Feeling uncomfortable about the mere idea of a dental visit can make life more difficult, as you can be more vulnerable to oral health complications. Your Katy,… Read more »

Can’t Relax? Consider Nitrous Oxide.

There’s nothing unusual about feeling like you just can’t relax when you come in for dental care. Of course, we can easily promise you that there is absolutely nothing to feel anxious about. However, we do not discount the fact that dental anxiety is real and affects more patients than you might imagine. Regardless of… Read more »

Why Worry? Sedation Dentistry Can Help Care for Your Smile

You don’t have to be fearless to get dental care. You just have to be brave enough to give the dentist a call. Unfortunately for many patients this seemingly simple act is a struggle. In fact, estimates indicate more than fifteen percent of Americans suffer from varying degrees of dental anxiety. If this includes you,… Read more »

Sedation Dentistry: A Quiz

We know one of the main reasons patients choose to avoid scheduling their dental visits is because it’s just not on the top of their “fun things to do” lists. However, sometimes patients do want to access dental care but worrying about discomfort, feeling uneasy in the chair, and a handful of other concerns may… Read more »

Dental Fear FAQs

There’s a reason why “fear of the dentist” always makes it onto those Top Ten Most Common Fears articles you see as you scroll through Facebook: It’s a remarkably widespread fear. In fact, experts estimate that about three-quarters of Americans deal with feelings of fear or anxiety before visiting the dentist, while as many as… Read more »