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Using A Crown To Keep A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth Safe

If your tooth is chipped or cracked after an injury, having it protected should be a priority. As strong as dental enamel is under normal circumstances, you become more vulnerable to harm if damage has already occurred. There is also an increased risk for the onset of an infection from oral bacteria if no restorative… Read more »

Tips For Addressing Swelling And Pain After A Tooth Injury

Pain after a tooth injury can be worrying on its own, but you can be especially worried over your oral health if you experience swelling as well as discomfort. Problems with discomfort and swelling should not be taken lightly. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to see you and determine what should… Read more »

Protecting A Tooth That Has Been Knocked Loose

While it may be a relief to know that your tooth is still in place after an injury, a loose feeling can be a cause for concern. Physical trauma can lead to pain, visible dental damage, or even the loss of a tooth. If the problem is not dealt with in a timely manner, you… Read more »

Can A Lost Tooth Really Be Put Back In Place By My Dentist?

If a tooth is knocked out, it may not be permanently lost. With that said, properly restoring it can call for emergency dental care, as well as care when handling the dislodged tooth. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we are aware that patients sometimes need to arrange restorative dental treatment as soon as possible…. Read more »

Why You Should Treat A Cracked Tooth Like An Urgent Problem

When a substance as strong as your tooth enamel breaks, you should be concerned. Damage to a tooth can lead to more harm, which means that more of your dental material is permanently lost. Cracks also leave spaces for bacteria to infiltrate, which can lead to problems with a painful tooth infection. Of course, if… Read more »

What To Do If You Are Growing Concerned By A Toothache

When a tooth begins to hurt, you can hope that the pain quickly fades, and that your discomfort is not a sign that restorative dental work is required. If the pain continues to worry you, or if it becomes more intense, writing the problem off can become difficult. You should take problems with a toothache… Read more »

3 Reasons To Promptly Seek Treatment For A Dental Injury

If you are trying to simply ignore a problem with an injured tooth, know that the matter can actually worsen over time. What this means is that by the time you finally feel ready to see your dentist, you can require more treatment than you would have if you had promptly scheduled care. You may… Read more »

How Long Will It Take To Address Visible Dental Damage?

Even if the injury does not appear to be severe, a chip or crack on the right tooth can seriously disrupt your smile. What can you do in order to address dental trauma as soon as possible? Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help those who experience harm to their teeth and want… Read more »

Will I Have Lasting Pain Because Of A Dental Injury?

If you have pain that lingers after a tooth injury, you should be concerned for your oral health. Even if the tooth does not appear damaged, ongoing discomfort can be a warning that the tooth has become infected. When infections form and are not treated in time, a tooth can be lost, and bacteria can… Read more »

Make Sure That A Chipped Tooth Is Properly Treated

Is a chipped tooth a problem that demands urgent attention, or is it something you can wait to address? The cosmetic impact a chip can have is hard to overstate, and reason enough for many people to seek treatment as soon as possible. What you should know is that the problem can be more than… Read more »