Category: General Dentistry

Technology And Dental Evaluations

There are important insights to gain from a technology-assisted evaluation of your oral health. Through the use of different imaging tools, our Katy, TX dentist’s office can closely inspect your smile for any signs of trouble that might require treatment. Catching problems in their early stages and properly treating them will protect you from complications… Read more »

Making Multiple Treatments More Comfortable

It can be less than thrilling to hear that you need one dental procedure to address a problem with your smile, or to improve your oral health. When you learn that multiple treatments are required to address your current dental problems, you may feel uneasy about what to expect as you move forward with care…. Read more »

Oral Health Care For Those With Dental Anxiety

Not everyone has an easy time setting up a dental appointment. For people who have anxiety around the idea of oral health care, a visit can be hard to arrange even when they believe something is wrong with their oral health. Our Katy, TX dental practice can help you have a better experience in the… Read more »

Making Dental Procedures More Comfortable

When a problem with your oral health is discovered, your Katy, TX dentist can provide the appropriate treatment. For patients with more significant concerns around dental damage or decay, we may need to provide a more involved restorative procedure. If this is the case for you, or if you need to arrange a longer treatment… Read more »

Making Dental Services More Comfortable

While you can be less than excited to hear that you need to undergo dental work to address a problem with your smile, you should not anxiety delay beneficial services. When oral health issues are not properly treated, you can experience unwelcome complications that can impact your appearance and overall well-being. In addition to causing… Read more »

Planning Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

When several oral health and cosmetic issues affect your smile, real improvements can begin to feel out of reach. Will you and your dentist really be able to work out a plan for treatment that gives you meaningful results? How much work will this involved, and how difficult will it be to arrange everything? At… Read more »

Arranging Dental Care For Someone With Special Needs

Finding the right dental practice for a loved one with special needs can be difficult, and you may have grown frustrating looking for a practice you feel truly comfortable frequenting. Because the right environment can be difficult to find, some people have to rely on general medical centers for oral health services, even when they… Read more »

Make Sure You Talk About Discomfort During A Dental Checkup

If you go in for a routine dental exam, you can expect your dentist to look for evidence of tooth decay or gum disease. What you might not realize is that these visits are also your opportunity to talk about problems with your dental function, as well as any persistent aches and pains that you… Read more »

Dental Treatment Can Provide Headache And Migraine Relief

If you have a headache, you might reach for a bottle of aspirin, or try to take a nap to deal with your discomfort, but would you think to contact your dentist? People who experience problems with headaches and migraines can be surprised to learn that their issues are linked to problems with their oral… Read more »

Issues You Can Face After A Long Break From Dental Exams

The benefits of regular dental exams are valuable to anyone interested in the health of their smile. You receive regular feedback about the condition of your teeth and gums, and support when you feel something might be wrong. The care offered by your Katy, TX dentist on a regular basis can address more than just… Read more »