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Make Sure You Talk About Discomfort During A Dental Checkup

If you go in for a routine dental exam, you can expect your dentist to look for evidence of tooth decay or gum disease. What you might not realize is that these visits are also your opportunity to talk about problems with your dental function, as well as any persistent aches and pains that you… Read more »

Dental Treatment Can Provide Headache And Migraine Relief

If you have a headache, you might reach for a bottle of aspirin, or try to take a nap to deal with your discomfort, but would you think to contact your dentist? People who experience problems with headaches and migraines can be surprised to learn that their issues are linked to problems with their oral… Read more »

Issues You Can Face After A Long Break From Dental Exams

The benefits of regular dental exams are valuable to anyone interested in the health of their smile. You receive regular feedback about the condition of your teeth and gums, and support when you feel something might be wrong. The care offered by your Katy, TX dentist on a regular basis can address more than just… Read more »

Making Worthwhile Changes To Your Smile Care Routine

Your smile care routine certainly includes your cleaning habits. It can be hard to avoid problems when you are inconsistent with brushing and flossing, or if you are failing to fully address accumulating food debris and plaque. With that said, these measures are only part of what you should be doing if you want to… Read more »

Using Advanced Tools To Study Your Oral Health

A closer look at your smile can reveal more than you know. Over the course of a regular dental exam, your Katy, TX dentist will perform a thorough review of your teeth, and look for any problems that need treatment. Over the course of this evaluation, they can even find problems that have yet to… Read more »

Pay Attention To The Effect Stress Can Have On Your Smile

If stress has started to change your daily life, you can have a difficult time keeping up with tasks that normally hold your attention. Your smile can actually start to experience problems because of prolonged stress. You can start to develop a teeth grinding habit, particularly at night. You can also allow outside distractions and… Read more »

Bad Brushing Habits Can Be Costly To Your Smile

Hopefully, you take the time to brush your teeth at least two times every day. While the frequency of this action is important, you also need to make sure you do an effective job each time. There are several small mistakes that can wind up causing you to develop tooth decay. Aggressive brushing might seem… Read more »

Oral Health Tips For Holiday Travelers

Will you hit the road to visit family for Thanksgiving? Are you planning on taking time out for travel this Christmas? The holiday season sees an understandable spike in travel each year. When you spend time away from home, you can let go of many typical responsibilities. One responsibility you should NOT let go of… Read more »

Dental Checkups Help You Keep Your Smile In Good Health

A good oral care routine can help you maintain a healthier, brighter smile through the years. If you want to provide truly effective support for your teeth, you should consider professional dental visits a part of your overall strategy for preventing oral health troubles. There are measures of support your Katy, TX dentist can provide… Read more »

3 Ways Advanced Technology Can Benefit Dental Patients

How can advanced technology benefit you in the dentist’s office? There are several benefits to using a modern approach to oral health care, as your Katy, TX dentist can offer improvements in treatment, and in the detection of problems. Both of these can have a real impact on your well-being. When it comes to imaging… Read more »