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Don’t Let Orofacial Pain Interrupt your Sleep

Orofacial pain is defined as any marked discomfort on, or around, your face. Symptoms include general aches, dizziness, clicking or popping of the joints, earaches, teeth grinding, and sore jaw muscles. These symptoms can be unpleasant enough during the day, but at night, when you’re trying to sleep, discomfort can seem greatly magnified. Katy TX… Read more »

Canker Sores and Cold Sores: Katy, TX Dentist Provides Overview

If you deal with recurring canker sores and cold sores you know that they can be very unpleasant; even downright painful. That tell-tale tingling ache probably has you bracing yourself for the unpleasant inevitable. Canker sores are small in size but pack quite the punch of nagging discomfort. Meanwhile, if you have to weather regular… Read more »