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Could Your Poor Gum Health Lead To Tooth Loss Later In Life?

If you suffer from gum disease today, are you at risk for problems in the future? If you take action, and seek the appropriate care, you can have your condition reversed, and you can enjoy good periodontal health. However, failing to address gum disease can lead to a worsening of your condition, which can make… Read more »

Have You Been Ignoring The Health Of Your Gums?

Will a lack of effort to protect yourself against periodontal problems lead to oral health problems? A person who neglects proper gum care can develop an infection – if the problem worsens, they can experience complications. A serious case of advanced gum disease can lead to the damage of oral tissues, which can result in… Read more »

Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

If your dentist has ever warned you about gum disease, then he’s probably warned you that it’s the leading cause of adult tooth loss. The progressive condition systematically destroys your gums and jawbone, and for many patients, that damage is extensive by the time they seek treatment. Today, we take a closer look at gum… Read more »